Chasing Dreams part 3

Hey! VioletStarr here! I'm really,genuinely sorry this part took so long. I was suffering from a mild case of writer's block. Lol. Also school kept getting in my way. Gotta pass those classes!Anyway,this part has a kinda funny part at the end,so enjoy!

So who will you fall for? There's Andrew:The mysterious black-haired hottie, Lucas:The blonde,all-around cutie, Jake:The brown-haired jock that's surpisingly friendly, Kyle:The nerd that hangs with the "cool kids",or Tristan:The boy you KNOW you shouldn't trust. Hmm... part 4 {hopefully} coming soon!

Created by: VioletStarr

  1. Lucas! "Hi,Lucas." you say,closing your locker. "Hey,Jade.What's your next class?" he asks. You pull out your schedule."Science with Mr.Hunter." you answer."Great!Same as me!" he says and starts leading you toward the science hall.
  2. When you two walk into the classroom,tbhe teacher walks over to you and says," Name." "Jade." you reply with the same amount of nothingness he has in his voice,making Lucas laugh."You sit next to Lucas."he says with a tad bit more enthusiasm. Lucas smiles at you and says,"Shall we?" "We shall." you say,laughing. You two walk over to your desk and sit down. "He seems so boring.Aren't science teachers supposed to be spontaneous & fun?" Lucas asks. "Maybe he's tired." you imply. Lucas just laughs & pulls out his pencil.
  3. The late bell rings and everybody sits down. "*ahem!* I am Mr. Hunter and I will be your science teacher. My job this year will be to teach you about science. Now,you all brought a spiral notebook,correct?" Everyone nods." Pull it out so we can start taking some notes." Everyone does as he says. "Turn to your first clean page and write'Types of Rocks'." Everyone picks up a pencil and starts writing. "Now,there are three types of rock..." He goes on to explain and the class is taking notes as he runs his mouth. When he's done,there's 3 minutes left of class so everyone just talks. "Well, the good news is I have Choir after this!" Lucas says."Lucky...I have History..."you mumble. "Who do you have?" "Mrs.Valerie." "Aw,you'll be okay.She's fun! My brother had her last year and he said she's hilarious!" You nod. The bell rings."You'll be fine."Lucas says and gets up. You put your spiral & pen in your binder & get up."Okay,how about I walk you to her class so you won't be nervous?"
  4. "Okay." you say and you two walk out of the room. He tells you what he knows about Mrs.Valerie and you get less and less nervous with each step. "Hey!" he says,"I have an idea! My friends and I are gonna go skating on Saturday! You should come!" "Where at?" you ask. "The only skating place popular enough to be recognized." comes his reply. "That sounds incredible,but I'm not the best skater."you admit. "That's okay. Neither is my friend Jake. I don't understand how he can play basketball like he's in the NBA but he can't grasp the simple concept of skating." You both laugh,then you stop & think:
  5. "Okay," you say, "I'll be there." "Great! I'll give you my number after school!" he says and with a quick wave,he walks off,leaving you facing the enterence of your classroom.
  6. You walk into your classroom to find everyone up and about & the teacher sitting at her desk texting. 'Is she not gonna do anything about this zoo of a class?' you wonder and walk over to her. "Excuse me," you say using the most polite voice you can manage,"I'm Jade.Where do I sit?" She looks up at you and smiles. "You can sit anywhere you want,sweetums!" comes her obnoxiously polite reply. You turn to the fairly large mass of students behaving like they have no home-training. 'Idiots.' you think to yourself. You walk to the desk that's the farthest in the back. When you sit down, a familiar black-haired girl "psst!"s you. "Hey Raven!" you say. "Hi!" she says,putting her book away.
  7. The late bell rings and everybody else takes a seat;mostly they sit in the front of the room. The teacher puts her phone away and walks to the front of the classroom."Hello sports fans! I am Ms.Valerie! I will teach you about history this year,not that anyone cares what happened 200 years ago." The class laughs. "But,since this is the first day of school,I'm not gonna pull a pop quiz of a stupidly hard worksheet on ya." She gets more laughs from that one. "I'm just gonna give you a little worksheet to complete when you go home today." She passes the class worksheets. A red-head raises his hand. "Miss? How am I supposed to know who the 13th president of the U.S. was?" She goes & sits down at her desk. "That's what mankind invented Google for,sweetheart!" she says very slowly.More laughing.
  8. When the class ends,you are extremely excited because you have Choir next,and,it turns out that Kim & Raven do,too. So you & Raven decide to meet her in the Science hall before heading to choir. "Hi!" Kim says, "How did history go?" "It was actually kind of entertaining." Raven says. Lucas stops you and says,"The choir teacher is so pretty,but don't let her appearance fool you. She's so mean!" "Really?!" You,Kim,& Raven asked in unison.
  9. 'Great.' you think. "Just be careful what you say to her." Lucas says and conitinues to wherever he's going. You three continue walking to Choir. When you walk in,you hear someone say,"hey look.It's that skinny chick that was flirting with Jake." followed by laughter. You really hate it when people do that. You stomp over to her and say,"listen,punk. I don't know who the hell you are,nor do I give a crap,but if you're gonna start this game with me,you'd better be careful because I don't play that way." She responds by non-chalantly flipping her hair and saying,"So what? What're you gonna do about it?"
  10. To be continued...

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