Chasing Dreams part 4

Hi! VioletStarr here! I'm really terribly sorry for the long wait. Please don't beat my behind! Anyway this (obviously) is part 4 of Chasing Dreams! Enjoy!

Hm... so who will you choose? The mysteriously gorgeous Andrew? The all around Prince Charming Lucas? The sporty athlete Jake? The nerdy but cute Kyle? Or the Master of Flirtation Tristan? Only fate and your quiz result know the answer! God luck! ;D

Created by: VioletStarr

  1. You were really peeved at this chick,but you decided to leave it for the time being & take your seat between Kim & Raven. They spent the rest of the time before the tardy bell trying to calm you down,which was only half successful.
  2. The tardy bell rings and everyone takes their seats. The teacher walks out and stands in front of the piano with her arms crossed. "Hello children," she says in a very uptight voice, "I am Ms.McAllister and I will be your choir teacher this year...STELLA!!!" She suddenly said,staring at your bully. "Yes?" Stella asked. "Is there any reason that you find staring at Jade more important than paying attention?!" "No,ma'am." She said,still eyeing you evilly. "Then pay attention!!" You were tempted to laugh your ass off, but thought better of it.
  3. The class went on and on with the teacher blathering on about stuff that you just ignored. Finally, after you thought you were gonna scream & throw your chair at her, the bell rang. You, Kim, & Raven were the first ones out the door. "Jeez! That was more boring than science!" you said. The other two just laugh. Then Stella walks past you,bumping your shoulder in the process. You growl,but ignore her."So what class do you have next?" Raven asks you. "Um, Theatre with Mrs. Hawethorne." "Seems easy enough." Kim said, shrugging. "Hey Jade!" You lookup to see that Tristan somehow snaked his way between you & Raven & had his arm around your shoulder. "Hey." Comes your reply.
  4. "Where are you headed?" he asks. "Theatre Arts." you say. Suddenly he gasps & everyone turns to look at him."That's the same class as me!" he says with a smile on his face. You,Kim, & Raven just laugh.
  5. He takes your hand & says, "Come on, Jade! Theatre is this way." You were slightly surprised by this gesture but didn't object to it. You just manage to wave goodbye to Kim & Raven as he half leads-half drags you down the hall. You notice lots of girls eyeing you & Tristan & shaking their heads,but you don't pay any attention to it. Then he suddenly stops & you almost run into him. "Look at this beautiful classroom..." he says,putting his arm back around you & gesturing to the Theatre Arts classroom. "I don't get it," you say, "to me it looks like a normal classroom but with a stage." He laughs. "But the magical thing is what happens in that classroom with a stage." You giggle at how he's acting. "Oh yeah? And what happens in that classroom with a stage?" you ask, careful not to laugh. "You'll have to figure it out,beautiful." He says & you blush at his comment.
  6. You two walk in the classroom & sit down at a table. " seem nervous." he says,rubbing the back of your hand with his thumb.'Crap! He still has my hand!' you say to yoursef. 'But why do I not wanna let go?' You question his and your actions throughout the day."Jade?" Tristan breaks your train of thought. "Why are you staring at me with such a nervous expression?" 'Crap! I was staring at him?' "Um, I'm sorry. I was lost in thought." He let go of your hand & you were tempted to tell him not to. He's just so caring & compassionate &-wait! Why are you saying these things about him?
  7. You decide to ignore your feelings for the time being. "So why do girls always look at you like you have some disease?" you ask. He sighs. "I had an addiction. An addiction to girls. It was like one girlfriend was never enough. That's why they all hate me. They found out what I was up to." "Oh." "It's okay. I'm over that now. I only-" He cuts himself off. "You only what?" "Nothing. It's nothing." he says shaking his head. You can't help but wonder...what was he about to say?
  8. You were once again cut off from your train of thought but this time by the late bell. "Hello class!" Everybody jumps at how fast she appeared. "She does that a lot." Tristan says,obviously noticing your confused expression. You nod. "I am Ms. Hawethorne! I am proud to say that I will be your Theatre Arts teacher for the year! Glad to see you again,Tristan!" Everyone turns to Tristan. "Hello,Ms. Hawethorne." He replies,slightly embarassed. Ms. Hawethorne smiles & continues. "So, I'm guessing that since you all are in this class, you are interested in the ways of the common actor or actress." Everyone nods."Well let's begin!"
  9. The class progresses & you notice Tristan staring at you at some points. 'I wonder what he was gonna say...he' "Jade!" Ms.Hawethorne breaks your train of thought. "Y-yes!" you say,snapping out of your daze. "What's the answer?" "Stage directions..." Tristan whispers to you. "Um, stage directions?" you say. "Hm...good job, Jade." she says & turns back to her book of "Happiness & Joy!" as she described it. "Thanks." you mutter to Tristan & he smiles at you. 'I don't care what anyone says. He has the most beautiful smile.' you think to yourself, not noticing he is holding your hand again.
  10. Goodbye! Sorry for the long wait!

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