250 Years Without You Part 7

Delayed release. I was *cough* working and all that. I hope you enjoy this part. It took me 2 hours to write this because I suddenly learned some news. I have some plants to unsoil tomorrow morning. His plants. Oh that little.

My Weakness (Kris Allen). My Oldest Friend (Andrew Belle). Bullet for Your Dreams (Hedley). I've noticed a lot of songs I like are mostly from male artists. Man I actually miss the heat and stickiness of summer. I love fall. It's hereee :)

Created by: Ivoryleaf

  1. I turned and caught a glimpse of a smile on Adric's face. It was contagious.
  2. I carried a sleek purple clutch that contained a few serums, money, and my gun. We were admitted into a sparkling ballroom, styled vintage. It was supposedly a 'centennial' celebration. Tall, artistic glasses of sparkling champagne were being offered. Vella gave specific instructions to stay away from them. I filed to my position in the corner, making small talk with a couple of old but important couples. Feeling awkward because I had no idea what was going on in this crazy, synthetic world, I ran my fingers through my hair and made a move for the bathroom. I bumped into Danae along the way. She stiffened a bit but relaxed, apologizing. No one should know we know each other. From all I know, she was just a young lady enjoying a glass of champagne. What? Sighing frustratedly, I skipped the restroom and made a turn back at her, 'accidentally' knocking over her glass. She shot me a glare and I was profusely offering any help I could assit her with. Danae's wiry arm snatched mine and pulled my to the bathroom. Thank god she wasn't pulling a fight because her dress was ruined. Which it wasn't.
  3. She pulled me into a stall and started fixing her dress. Surprisingly, she didn't yell at me for anything. She made me hold the door so she shuffled out first, joining the crowd of women crowding around the mirror, dusting on powder and lipstick. I slipped out next and went outside. Sitting down, I accepted a chocolate eclair. I picked at it while a young man tried to get my attention. To be fair, he was really pushing my boundaries, egging me on to answer his over the top questions. Adric passed me, flicking the bottom of his wrists in the signal. I shoved the man aside and grabbing my clutch along the way, I clicked my way to the secret back door. Halfway across the room, my breath was caught as my gaze snagged onto another's. His intense yellow eyes reminded me of a hawk. He excused himself to the group of seniors he was talking to and started parting the crowd. Being slightly paranoid, I gripped my clutch tighter, fingering the gun and walked ever faster. I slipped through the crowds with ease and pushed the doors open at the back. I felt the cool night air on my flustered neck.
  4. Looking behind my shoulder twice, I hurried to the group at the side. The heiress was no younger than me, looking afraid in her sparkling dark blue gown, glitter at the corner of her eyes, her glossy lips parted in worry. We made quick progress, surrounding her as we hurried to the sleek black car.
  5. Everything was a tight black mess as we were suddenly pushed around. I tried to grip the heiress's wrist but I was coughing too much. The air cleared and I was pinned to the car by no one in particular. Everyone else was on the ground, looking confused. My eyes sharpened uncontrollably and I smelled another group. Who had Danae as hostage and the heiress. I growled low in my throat, knowing I'm well trapped, with nothing to arm myself with. They had a formidable group of five. Somewhere, maybe it was just me, they were the same as us. The idea hit me hard like a blow in the face. I crouched down low and crept along the car, the others following my lead. "Do you want her back?" A strong voice rather stated then asked. "Who?" I was brave enough to answer, knowing if I slipped, we all slip. "This girl right here." I knew he was probably shaking Danae at the moment. I bit my lip. "We want her too," I was barely visible, tilting my head to the heiress, who was passed out. "Oh, we can't give you that," something like malice crept into his voice. He shook Danae again, this time, she whimpered. My fists clenched and relaxed. "Then what can you give?" "What you want."
  6. I stepped out of the safety. Adric tried to pull me down but I walked out, hands holding nothing. Danae's violet eyes were burning into mine. I saw her limp body in his. "We'll have her back," I nodded towards Danae. Before those words were out of my mouth. she flung back her head and collided with his lower jaw. She then grabbed onto his eyes and kicked his stomach before someone else pulled her back. He had her arm in a terrifying, fragile, position. He lifted his head down. I saw two fangs gleam in the moon light. He licked his lips. Danae trembled. I didn't dare to breath. The new man's aura was headstrong and reckless. The two tips was pressing onto her skin now. Danae was full out crying out now. "Take her! Take her! She's the Solune!"
  7. The air tensed up. My knees quivered. Danae kept screaming it, again and again, piercing the air. Her captor's grip loosened. "Is this true?" Not backing down, I shook my head. His hawk eyes narrowed down. I gulped. Sensing my weakness, he pushed Danae forward. "We'll be back," he turned his back and all of them vanished without a trace, holding onto the terrified girl. I was mollified for a moment, the words evaporating from my tongue. Danae collapsed to the ground, sobbing. I wanted to smack her and hold her for questioning. My foot stepped forward and I had her gripped in my arm. "How'd you know?" I hissed into her ears, forgetting about the others. She kept dribbling her spit down her dress. It was not pleasant. "It's not hard to tell when everyone treats you special and talks about you. They shouldn't talk so loudly," she wailed again. What did they mean 'We'll be back?'. Why did they back off after hearing what I was? My brows furrowed and I faced the rest of the team. I growled, threatening them to say something. They looked away and someone else escorted Danae into the car. I was engulfed in my silence. Adric rested a hand on my leg. I looked up at him but he was staring forward, the streetlights illuminating his face, turning his lashes golden.
  8. I escaped to the solitary confines of my room. Someone knocked but I pretended to fall asleep. No matter how I bring myself to do it, I just can't. I wandered out, ignoring the rules about the curfew thing. I walked past the aquarium but he wasn't there tonight. Feeling a breeze somewhere, I turned around. A door was ajar. I let my curiosity overwhelm me so I slipped outside before anyone could see. The smell of fresh rain hit me. I learned somewhere that rain just intensifies the smell of everything around you. Not sure if I like that. I let myself travel to a small lake, fireflies dancing in the reflection.
  9. "You're a long way from home, aren't you?" A crisp accent stated.

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