Chasing Dreams part 2

Hey,VioletStarr here! I have come bearing part 2 of Chasing Dreams!Thank you for all of your nice comments! They are greatly appreciated. I tried to make this one longer. I don't know if your definition of 'longer' and mine are the same,but I think it's longer.

Also,if you wanna, I will accept requests about how I should make the rest of Jade's teachers. Science,Choir,History,or Theatre Arts. Or you can do all of em! If not I'll just make some of my own. Also thank you for the good feedback on part 1! I see you guys really like the flamethrower thing.Heeheehee.

Created by: VioletStarr

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  1. You accept his offer. "Sweet," he says, "what do you want to do?" "I don't care."you reply. "Let's get some laps in." he says and you two start jogging around the perimeter of the gym. You two start talking about yourselves until it's almost time to leave. Then the coach blows her whistle and says, "To the locker rooms!" Jake smiles at you and says,"It was nice talking to you,Jade!" then jogs into the boy's locker room. You are in a daze until Kim walks up to you and says," How do you DO that!? I can't even get him to tell me what time it is!" "I don't know..." you say, still somewhat in a daze. You two walk to the locker room and start changing. "What's your next class?" she asks. You pull out your schedule and say,"Math with Mr.Fletcher." Great!I'm in that class! Let's walk together!" she says. You two walk out right when the bell rings. Jake walks past you and smiles at you. Kim elbows you gently and giggles.
  2. You and Kim start walking to math. She babbles on about her favorite stores in the mall and how cute Jake is. When you two reach math everyone is up out of their seats being wild and random. Kim sees one of her friends and says," I'll be right back."She walks over to her friend and hugs her. You see Kyle from your homeroom reading all by himself and decide to go talk to him. "Hi,Kyle." you say and he looks up at you. When he recognizes you he stands up and says "Hey,Jade!" Just when you are about to say something,Kim walks over to you,a girl with long black hair with red streaks following her."Jade, this is Raven. She's been my best friend since kindergarten." Raven smiles at you and you smile back. "Hi Raven. How nice to meet you." Raven starts talking about her life and you space out.
  3. The tardy bell rings and everyone sits down in a seat. You find yourself sitting between Raven and Kim with Kyle in front of you. He turns around and starts talking to you for a while.5 minutes later,Mr Fletcher walks in and closes the door. "Darn troublemakers..."he mumbles to himself. Out loud he says,"I am Mr.Fletcher.I will be your math teacher as your schedule should've told you. If you haven't looked at it at least once today then there's something seriously wrong with you." Everyone laughs. He passes out worksheets with easy-looking algebra problems on them. "I want you to get into groups of four and teach each other how to do these problems even if you already know how to do them. 15 minutes. Go!" He says. Raven,Kim,and Kyle turn to you. "I'll work the first one."Kyle volunteers. He reads the problem and starts setting it up and explaining it. When he gets done with the problem, both Kim and Raven are staring at him with confused expressions. You are shocked. 'How did he get that so fast?' you thought. "Wow,Kyle," Mr Fletcher says from behind him, " That was pretty fast! I'm amazed!" Kyle smiles.
  4. The rest of you work the easy problems. When you're working one,you notice that Kyle watches you with curiousity. Then the class talks for the rest of the period.When the bell rings you all get up abruptly and leave the classroom. 'Yes! Lunchtime!' you thought. Raven and Kim walk up beside you. "Hey!" they both say in unison. "Hi. What's up?" "I'm starving my butt off.That's what's up." Raven replies and all three of you laugh. You stop at your locker and open it. Well,we would stay with you but we have to go snatch the good table before the jocks and cheerleaders grab it. Bye!" Kim says and walks off to the cafeteria with Raven. You put your stuff in your locker and right when you're about to close it, someone closes it for you.
  5. "Wanna sit with me?" You look up to see Andrew's emotionless face.You sigh."If I do will you tell me what's wrong with you?" you ask. "Maybe," he says, "Come on." he says and you two start walking toward the cafeteria. When you get there, you are surprised at how uncrowded it is."Yeah, it takes a while for everyone to get here."he says,obviously noticing your astonished look. "They'll be here in a few minutes." he finishes and grabs a tray. You do the same. You are happy because they are serving pizza today. You grab a slice of cheese pizza and a gatorade. He gets a slice o pepperoni and a carton of milk. You both pay for your food then he starts leading you over to a table at the back.You see Raven and Kim with a big group of people,including Kyle. Kim sees you and motions you over. You shake your head and point at Andrew. She automatically understands and nods. "Have fun!" she mouths and turns back around. Finally Andrew stops and sits down at the table. You sit down across from him. "So,not to rush you into explaining anything,but why are you so emotionless?" you ask. He sighs. "It's a long story. Are you ready?"
  6. "Yes." you say. "It all started back in 7th grade. I was all cool and popular and mess.Then,along came this girl named Stella." You flinched a little at how he says her name. "She was all alone.No one liked her because she was different. So I started talking to her. She was really funny and sweet. Once everybody saw that she might not be so bad after all,they started talking to her. Eventually, me and her became inseperable. We had every class together, which made us even more inseperable.Summer came and we hung out almost every minute of the day.My parents loved her,and her parents loved me. Eventually I asked her out and she accepted. Because of that, we became even more inseperable." He stops and takes a bite of his pizza. Your's is all gone.You open your gatorade and take a sip. "Then what happened?" you ask. "Well, we were happy together for about 3 months. Then we got into our first fight.She was mad because I was going away that upcoming summer and she wanted to come too. She eventually gave up.Here's the worst part: I get to school the day after we made up and everybody's pointing at me and laughing. Why? Because it turned out she told half of the school that I like to watch preschool shows on TV." "How does that make you emotionless?" you ask. "Well, it's not that, it's what happened after it. So this tall blonde kid starts picking on me. Eventually, he finds some backup."
  7. "Yeah.That's right. He got backup and all three of them started picking on me.This kept up until my mom made me transfer schools. I thought that would solve anything, but it didn't solve crap. In fact it got worse. I was at the park one day jogging and listening to music, when someone came up behind me and pushed me to the ground. I get up to see my bully and his backup. He even got more backup. Some tall thuggish looking guy and guess who? That's right, Stella." You flinch. 'It's too bad you had to get in a fight mith me,Andrew.' she said and put her arm around my bully.'What did I ever do to you?' I asked. She just 'hmph!'ed me though. Then let's just say they came to play. They messed me up pretty bad." He pulls up his sleeve revealing a giant scar. You gasp." Oh my gosh." you say and run your fingers over it. "Yeah...I I guess since then I've been afraid to care about anyone the way I cared about her."
  8. "Wow..." you say.He just shrugs."You know, there's life after her. You've gotta open yourself up to people so they can help you." "It's not that easy anymore, Jade..."he replies. "Let me help you then." You pull a pen out of your arm and write your cell phone number on a piece of paper. "Call me whenever you need something or just wanna talk." you say,placing the piece of paper in his hand. "Jade...Thank you...." You look up at him and see that he's smiling at you. You smile back,happy he's finally showing some emotion. Just when you open your mouth to say something Tristan sits down next to you. "Hi,Jade!How's it going?" he asks.
  9. "Um, hi Tristan." you say.Andrew just looks at him. Tristan is still staring at you."Did you want something?" you ask Tristan. He shakes his head. "I'm just gonna sit here and bask in your prescence until the bell rings." he says and continues staring. "How much longer until the bell?" you ask. He laughs and checks his watch. "Like-" The bell rings. "Zero seconds." he finishes and you both laugh. You get up and Tristan stands up in front of you. "Um,run along now! I'll see you later." you tell him. "Bye,gorgeous." He says and walks off. "I'll see you after school." Andrew says and walks off. You start walking to your locker.Just after you open it, someone taps your shoulder. You turn around to see...
  10. To be continued...

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