So this is High School! Part 10

Hey! It's this series 10th anniversary LOL :D Thanks for reading this series and commenting, it means soo Much to me that there are people out there that appreciate my writing. Okay, In paragraph two I'll write a real description.

Here we are. In this installment , You find out what Josh was going to ask you, go through the rest of the day and the next day up to time for the dance! Yay!

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  1. "Yes, Josh?" you ask, maybe a little too eagerly. "Could you help me study? I have a big test tomorow..." he pats the seat next to him. "Study? Like at your house?" you say overexcitedly, taking the seat. "No," Josh laughs, "My aunts getting married soon, and we're having a wedding rehersal tonight. I'll be booked til tomorow morning. I meant study right here, on the bus." "Oh," you are a bit dissapointed.
  2. "Yeah... Mr. Albert is one mean teacher, making us do an early Math and Algebra test on the day of the dance,eh?" Josh opens his book. "Really? The Chapter 5, Section II test worth a quarter of our grade? Miss Langston is giving us two weeks to study for that." you are surprised. "Yeah, well, I'm Pretty sure i got stuck with the worst M and A teacher in the WHOLE SCHOOL." groans Josh, digging out a pencil from his book bag. "You think so? Just yesterday, Miss Langston..."
  3. Soon you and Josh are in a heated conversation about who got the worst teacher. Too soon, the bus pulls up to your stop. "Bye Josh," you wave and step off as the bus zooms away. You sigh. Another day done. You walk inside, where Mom is in the kitchen writing something down and Lois is watching Disney Channel. "Hi!" you say, tossing your backpack down. "Oh, Hi dear-Man, there's my conference call. I need you girls to be quiet, 'kay? Lois, turn the TV down," Mom skids into the office with her phone, and you snatch the laptop and plop down on the couch next to Lois.
  4. "Hey," Lois whispers, pressing the VOLUME DOWN button. "Hey," you smile and log on to the schools website. Of course, dance information is at the top. ~Sarden Square High Annual March Dance blogger: Aurora, Sophomore Heey, SSH! Kisses to Drake! Its your favorite blogger and varsity cheerleader, Aurora!!! Today I'm posting details about the dance: -Dance is tomorow at 6:00 p.m. in the Auditorium -$6 tickets available online, $7 at the door -If you didn't get a chance to vote at lunch today, you can still do it online, at this link: ssh/ Oh, and don't forget, Vote Aurora! TTYLXOX, Aurora You roll your eyes. Aurora was so full of herself.
  5. You scroll down and find the links to buy tickets, vote, and volunteer. "Whatcha readin?"Lois leans over. "School website..." you say, pulling the laptop closer and clicking on the official mini-social network just for students at your school, SaberNet(as in your mascot). The lastest posts are: DrakeW: wish me luck on the slow dance.... Lani: :D haha drakew: seriously, it's not funny... Okay, maybe a little... : ) PaulPaw: Hey everyone sup
  6. You log into your account. Liza:) : Hey Paul! PaulPaw: Hey Liza AmazingAurora: is Drake still on? DrakeW: yup PrincessJocelyn: HI :-] going to dance with Jeff YAYYY Liza:) : cool AmazingAurora: buzz off losers PaulPaw: you know that includes u, rite?
  7. You laugh out loud. "What's so funny?" demands Lois, throwing up her arms. "Girls!" Mom appears with her phone. "Quiet!"  "Sorry!" you and Lois whisper in unison. Mom goes back to her office, and while you're watching her go, Lois steals the laptop. "Who's PaulPaw? What kind of dumb name is that?" Lois scoffs. "Lois!" you whisper-scream. "Well?" Lois taps her finger on the mousepad.
  8. "PaulPaw is a boy named Paul," you state flatly. "Hmph. Can I ask him a question?" says Lois. "No!" you rip the laptop from Lois' arms and stomp upstairs to your room, where you fall on your bed. Beep! Beep-beep! Your phone! You pull it from out of your pocket and look.  Hey! Rachel, Jocelyn and I are carpooling 2 the dance. U wanna come? -Bree
  9. Sure, you reply. "Even though I don't have a date like you guys!" you think. You start your homework and are almost finished when your phone rings. "Hello?" you say. "Liza? It↙◀'s me, Rachel. You're carpooling, right?" "Yeah," you nod, even though she can't see you.
  10. "Cool. Well, I was wondering if you want to sleep over at my house. After we drop off the guys, us girls are going to, well, I just told you," Rachel announces. "Awesome! I'll ask my Mom!" you exclaim. Later on: Your Mom agreeed, you've packed and are in bed, happy-except for the fact no ones asked you yet. Next day: Uneventful school day, now it's dance time!

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