So this is High school! Part 7

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Well, part 7 took a long time and I am so sorry for that,guys! I hope my readers will still read this. Okay.... I dunno what else to write but I'll probably think of something soon.

Oh! Well, you get to find out What hit you at last! And some stuff about the dance is revealed! Plus, some Very shocking Gossip is packed in at the end, you won't Wanna miss it!

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  1. "Ow!"you rub your arm. You look down and see it was a pebble. "Who threw that?"you demand, still rubbing your arm. Bree,Lois and Charlotte,though,look as stunned as you. Bree looks out the window. "Oh. Hi Paul,"she says,waving.
  2. You zoom to the window. "Two questions. 1, what are you doing here? And 2, why'd you throw a rock at me?"You ask, still flustered. "Two answers,"Paul grins,"1,I looked up your address in the school directory. and 2, I wanted to get your attention." You feel flattered."Oh. Well,why are you here?"you ask. "I dunno,"Paul shrugs,"I guess I wanted to talk to you some more." "Oh,well,then,you wanna come in?"as you attempt to open the door, Paul comes in the open window.
  3. "Uh,Hi,"you say. Paul nods. "Me and Charlotte are going to my room,"announces Lois. She and her friend scurry upstairs. "well, I can only stay for a little bit. I volunteer at the animal shelter,"says Paul, plopping down on the arm of a brown leather chair.
  4. "Hmm. i think I'll go...make some popcorn,"muses Bree,heading for the kitchen and leaving you alone in the living room with Paul. "So.You like SSH so far?"Paul asks casually. "Yes."you say simply. "Cool. So what did you do for free period?"Paul falls over into the seat. You gulp a little. How could yo tell Paul you kind of sort of spent it with Josh in the library?
  5. "I we-I went to the library,"you say,"Why?" "Well, I was wondering if maybe tommorow you would meet me at the baseball diamond?"Paul asks,chomping on gum. "Uh,sure,okay."you stammer. "Well,gotta go,"Paul waves and exits out the window just as the front door opens and your Mom comes in. "Who was that boy?"Mom, with two grocery bags in hand,asks. "Uh,just a classmate. And this is Bree,"you say. Bree enters the living room with a huge bowl of popcorn. "Hello,Bree.I'm Liza's mother,"Mom says,laying down the groceries to shake Bree's hand. "Bree,enchanted,"Bree smiles and returns the shake.
  6. "Well, I'll be in my office,"Mom places the groceries on the counter and walks into her small office. "`Kay,"you say. "Well,what should we do?"you ask, pulling out your laptop. "Ooh. You haven't heard about the March Masquerade, have you?"Bree logs onto your school website. "It's this big dance, and the day before, they crown the King and Queen and also the Prince and Princess."continues Bree. "Cool. Wanna bet Aurora gets Queen?"you say,leaning over to see the screen. "Naw. You have to be a senior to win King or Queen. But anyone else could win Prince or Princess. Oh! And I almost forgot! Every year they have a special girl award to go with the theme. Last year, it was 'under the sea' and the special honor was Mermaid Queen. Let's see what the theme is this year."
  7. "Looks like the theme is 'Enchanted Forest'. The special honor will be the Woodland Fairy,"you read. "I think Jocelyn should enter. She could totally be Princess.Don't ya think?"Bree twists her black curls around her finger. You think about Jocelyn's perfect tan, fashion sense and beautiful golden blonde hair. "Mmm hhmm,"you agree. "You could try for Woodland Fairy,"suggests Bree. "Oh,no. No way am I doing that. Maybe some other time,"you shake your head quickly.
  8. "Okay. So,did you like songwriting club?"Bree shuts the laptop. "Yeah, I did. I think I'll go back tomorow."you say with a nod.
  9. "Awesome. Hey, can I check my email?" Bree says. "Sure," you hand the laptop to her and turn on the TV. "Nothings on," you complain after going through all the channels. "Correction! Lani and Jam are On!" Bree squeals.
  10. "Give me that," you snatch the computer and it says-

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