So this is high school! Part 4

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Okay and alrighty! In this edition of So this is High School! You finish meeting the guys and also finish lunch and some of the afternoon. Was that good?

Hmmm, I don't think so. Well, anyways, please comment your thoughts and feelings if you please. Thanks. I don't have much else to say. How is it I had so much to say last time? Okay, done.

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  1. Bree spins around, orange juice in hand. "Hey, Aurora. Think fast,"she says, tossing her drink all over Aurora. Aurora stands there, speechless. "Well. That was... REPULSIVE. SIMPLY TOTALLY AWFUL!"she wails.
  2. Bree high fives Rachel and Jocelyn. Aurora, damp and orange, skids off. "Whoa. Nice move, Bree," you shake her hand playfully. "Why thank you,"Bree says in a prim and proper voice.
  3. The rest of lunch period is fun. You get to know Rachel and Jocelyn. It turns out Rachel won the state championships in soccer last year, and she made the team -high fives all around- and that Jocelyn just re-did her room all by herself and it looks AMAZING-more high fives all around. oh, and also more, "Whoa, Jocelyn, where did you get that's?"all around. Then it's time to go. You have science next, and so does Rachel. Bree and Jocelyn have English. Rachel shows you the science lab where you have class. It's pretty cool, stocked with the latest tech and equipment. "Haha, last year Jocelyn would check her nails under this microscope.And I would check my scars. I don't know why. We were weird then," giggles Rachel.
  4. A man who is about two inches taller than you, and has very little hair and tortise-shell glasses hops in. "Hello, Liza. I am Mr. Greene. You can call me Green." he says. Um, call your teacher Green? WE-ird. "I see you've made friends with Ray, my top student,"he goes on. Rachel blushes. "We all have nicknames here,"she whispers. "And speaking of nicknames," says Green, who was eavesdropping, "Liza is officially Li-Li!" You groan. This is going to be some class. "Why don't you girls put on your science gear and sit at the back table?"suggests Green, shuffling some papers. Other kids now pour in, doing exactly what the teacher just instructed. Rachel scrambles to get two pairs of goggles, two smocks and two pairs of rubber gloves for you and her. "Thanks,"you smile, slipping on the "science gear". "Today,Science Explorers, we'll be completing Lab #16. Please flip to page 16 in your instruction book, then, with your partner, attempt to complete your lab,"orders Green.
  5. You get to work. The lab is pretty simple, and you and Rachel finish first. "Ray, Li-li, would you please help Jo- Jo and Paw?" Green motions for you and Rachel to come over to a pair of students, one a guy with dirty blonde/light brown curls, blue-grey eyes and who is a bit chubby.
  6. Nevertheless, you and Rachel help the other two "science explorers" and their lab is finished soon as well. Before you know it, class is over and before you can grab Rachel, the guy nicknamed "Paw"(the one described before)comes up to you. "I'm Paul Frendlem. Not Paw,"he grins,"And I just wanted to compliment you on your science skills,". You blush. "Um, thanks.gotta go!"you race off, leaving "Paw" stunned in the classroom. Apparently racing in the hallway was not a good idea, because you run into a buff guy with curly dark blond hair and very big round eyes wearing a "SSH SABER'S RULE!" T-shirt. "Whoa, are you okay?" a guy helps you off the floor for the second time today. "I'm Drake, captain of our football team. Have a t-shirt and show your spirit,"he says in a cheesy voice, tossing a giant t-shirt into your hands. "Have a great day, Red,"he smiles, planting a small smooch on your cheek. Rachel, Bree and Jocelyn, who were onlooking the scene, come over. "That was the most popular boy in school!"squeals Jocelyn. "Yeah, but he's a player,"Bree warns you, seeing your obvious delight at the kiss.
  7. "By the way, we all have free hour! I'm off to study hall.I have a test tomorrow,"says Rachel. "I'm with you,"says Bree. "I promised Zane I'd watch him at the track,"blushes Jocelyn. "You are so totally boy-crazy,"says Rachel. They all skip off, and you decide to hit the library.
  8. At the library, you find a guy(last one, I promise!) with spiky red-pink hair, green eyes and light skin listening to music at a table. You decide to sit down. "Hey. I'm Jam,"he says. You almost laugh out loud.
  9. "Okay, it's really Benjamin John, but I'm kinda into punk rock and I though Jam fit me better. Ya know, like, I like to JAM?"he grins. you let out a little giggle.
  10. I've never done this before, but which guy do you like best so far?

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