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  • Sorry, i just have to comment on all your quizzes!!! Love your answers! especially when I get to the last question and there's an 'I shalt not go out with thee freako...' one :D Erm, can't think of much more to say... maybe you could remind us who the characters are if we haven't seen them for a while? I had to look back to part 2 to check which one Aurora was - but then I'm so bad with names :P And yeah, other than that, roll on the next part :D

  • Thanks for commenting guys. Glad this part was good. And yes, I'll try to remind you who the characters were if you haven't seen them in a while, and sure, I could put Josh in the next part. @daughterofapollo; yeah..I had fun with Jam XD

  • Hahaha! This story is so funny! I look forward to the next one!

  • JAM?! lmao I was laughing at that!! Awesome part btw :D


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