The Hunger Games!

Sorry to decieve you but I had to gets your attention. If I had named this: New quiz. Please take? Half of you wouldn't. Just a plan fact(: but thanks anyways!!

So yeah, I love The Hunger Games((: I once started writing my own personal spinoff book and well.. Should it end up on here? Id really like to know your opinion! Be honest!

Created by: ilyvolleyball
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  1. Hey, its me! Ilyvolleyball. Again. Get outran here, I know:P anyway my business here is serious. You might be angry. Considering the name, you probably didn't expect an informative quiz. I'm a master of deception(:
  2. Okay, well the deception is only so deep this is about the greatest book series to sweep the nation(: The Hunger Games. Well, you see, after I read the Hunger Games, quite a while ago, I was inspired. A lot of my personal creative writing are spin offs of my favorite books.
  3. Yeah, if you haven't guessed it, I'm talking about a GTQ Hunger Games Love Story!((: Buttt. It is absolutely nothing like any of the others. No Peeta. No Gale. New loves and a new you.
  4. Your name is Madge Primrose Mellark. Yes, Mellark. The eldest daughter of Katniss and Peeta Mellark. Your brother's name is Cinna Odair Mellark and he's 4 years younger than you. You're 16 years old which only makes him 12.
  5. The plot of the story, I have to admit myself, does have some holes. I don't want to reveal it and ruin the surprise so... I would like 1 fan to help me with this series. Please be sure you have read all 3 books and comment why you want to help! Hopefully at least 1 person does so I don't look stupid...
  6. Now, you HAVE to understand that I cant have 7 people helping me on this quiz. So please don't be hurt if I don't choose you! I will be picking a helper off of their reason for wanting to help.
  7. Alright((: that's it(: please check out my other quizzes? : D I aspire to be an author so its good to know peoples opinions of my work
  8. Well.. yeah I have nothing more to put! I hope you guys are enthusiastic about my stuff! :D
  9. Oh! Like my page on Facebook? Yeah, I still play Temple Run. So? Thanksss!!! :D
  10. Buhbyes!!

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