"I Have Never..." (Epic Version!)

Ok, so the way to play this game is like this. Gather a few people, 5-10 friends and sit in a circle. One person says "I have never..." and pass a cup around. Whoever HAS done the thing takes a sip.

In this game, we have have used alcohol. The "correct" answer is I have done something. At the end of the game, your result is how drunk you are. Enjoy!

Created by: Beatle Obsessed of The Beatles (official site)
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  1. Ok, so I describe this whole game in Paragraph 1.
  2. "I have never broken a law."
  3. "I have never slept over with a boy."
  4. "I have never kissed a boy."
  5. "I have never been to court."
  6. "I have never liked Justin Bieber."
  7. "I have never liked Justin Bieber."
  8. "I have never skydived."
  9. "I have never been on a date."
  10. "I have never met Paul McCartney."
  11. "I have never seen a prison."
  12. "I have never had a sibling die."

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