Fighting Game Character Knowledge Test Version 1

Here is version 1 of many, many fighting game character quizzes to come. I hope you enjoy and come back for the sequels. Did a mention that there would be a whole lot of them?

The questions in this one aren't overly hard, so don't be intimidated. Fighting games are a great genre to get into in my opinion- I strongly encourage anyone who hasn't already to try them!

Created by: Venus

  1. Which character fights using his/her shadow?
  2. The first appearance of Storm as a fighting game character was in which game?
  3. The fighting style Christie Montiero uses is called...?
  4. Lili's style in Tekken was mainly inspired by...?
  5. The Psycho Soldier team in KOFXIII conists of which characters?
  6. The main baddie in Mortal Kombat 1-3 was?
  7. What animal is Ganesha in Bloody Roar?
  8. Which of the following characters was NOT in Marvel vs Capcom 2?
  9. Who is the beast like character in the Street Fighter series?
  10. Which Darkstalkers characters appeared in Capcom Fighting Evolution?

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