Does he like you?

Do you have a crush that you truly love. Are you sure that he is really in love with you? Maybe he just wants to be friends and maybe he's madly in love with you.

Does he like you? Take this quiz to find out. Maybe he's neutral about you or maybe he also has a crush on you. This quiz will hopefully give you an accurate result.

Created by: Athena

  1. How long have u known eachother
  2. How often do you see eachother
  3. Does he laugher your jokes
  4. Does he give you a nickname
  5. How old is he compared to you
  6. Does he ever come over to your house
  7. Does he tease you
  8. When a bully comes over to you what does he do
  9. Has he ever kissed you
  10. You like him

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