How Episcopalian Are You?

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Episcopalians are an interesting and distinctive bunch. They are very committed to tradition, yet may be theologically liberal. Episcopalian churches are very welcoming and non-judgemental. My church has a banner that says, "Welcoming all to share in God's love." Come to hear the Gospel and stay for the coffee!

How Episcopalian are you really? Do you fit the typical stereotype? Well now there is only one way to find out. This quiz will ask a series of questions to determine your Episcopaliatude. It's meant to be funny, so have a laugh. Pass it on to a friend!

Created by: Religious Joe
  1. The unofficial cathedral of the US, the Washington National Cathedral, is what type?
  2. When you hear the phrase, "may the force be with you", what do you want to immediately say?
  3. At church, you...
  4. You believe in God, but don't feel the need to talk about it in casual conversation.
  5. When church service ends...
  6. When visiting a Catholic church, you are the only Ah-men amongst a sea of Ai-mens..
  7. You are friendly with the gay couple in the next pew.
  8. You love singing hymns, but more than three stanzas.... come on already!
  9. It's 90 degrees, and the air conditioner is busted... you still have your coffee?
  10. You are willing to entertain alternate interpretations of Jesus's life, and even core elements of Christian theology.
  11. You don't find female or married priests controversial at all.
  12. You've found yourself saying, "but we've never done it that way before!"
  13. "Electric guitars, big screen TVs... that's not church! Where is the pipe organ??"

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