Which ninjago character would date you?

There are lots of girls who LOVE the ninja but do you love it a lot? Might want to check out the ninja's personalities so visit there website I would suggest.

You could fall deeply in love if you ask a few friends about what they are like so you can compare there personality to yours. But still you are quite madly in love with them

Created by: Bethan George
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  1. Which ninja do you like the most?
  2. What were you doing when Sensei found you?
  3. Time for rp!
  4. Too bad we are doing it anyway!
  5. Ok you were walking in the park and someone taps you on the shoulder. What do you do?
  6. It was just Kai he apologises for what he did.
  7. When you look in the mirror you realise there is a leaf stuck to your back
  8. Sorry rp is over
  9. Are you enjoying yourselves?
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