How well do you know Ninjago?

Many people like Ninjago. BUT, can you be qualified to know ninjago, and everything about it? At first, I didn't like Ninjago. But, then I watched it more, and started to like it. You might to!

Are you a ninjago genius? Do you have what it takes to become one? Now, thanks to this awesome quiz, you can find out if you really do know lots about Ninjago! Good luck!

Created by: Ilovecole
  1. Do you think you will pass?
  2. Who is the voice of Cole?
  3. Who is the voice of Kai?
  4. Who is the voice of Jay?
  5. Who is the voice of Zane?
  6. Who is the voice of Lloyd?
  7. Who is the voice of Sensei Wu?
  8. Who is the voice of Sensei/Lord Garmadon?
  9. Who is the voice of Skylor?
  10. Who is the voice of Nya?
  11. Who is the voice of Ed?
  12. Who is the voice of Edna?
  13. Who is the voice of Master Chen?
  14. Who is the voice of Cyrus Borg?
  15. Who is the voice of Misako?
  16. Ok- Those are all the cast members I can think of. There are lots more-but I can't think of the rest of the cast.
  17. Will you make a quiz similar to this one?
  18. Are you glad this quiz is ending?
  19. See u later.__________ what goes into the blanks? (again-no effect)
  20. Ok- answer these to declare your final score. Who is Skylor's father?
  21. What episode did Pythor get big again?
  22. Who is your favorite bad guy? (no effect- I just want to know)
  23. ok- one last question- Who is the hottest charecter on Ninjago?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Ninjago?