indian vampire and human love story

This quiz is about love and love can happen in anyone. This indian vampire and human love story is about a story vampire and human falling in love with eachother.

Are you a genius in feelings?Do you have the heartpower to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz,in just few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Siddhi
  1. You are going to your college and suddenly a truck comes from front and the truck is about to hit you but a mysterious man comes and stops tje truck with his bare hands.what do you tell him?
  2. The mysterious man says "i didn't stop the truck, i just pushed you before the truck would hit you." and he gone from there. You think
  3. You continue to go to college and you reach your college you see a guy his name is kabir.kabir says"hi____ how are you, you say
  4. Afterwards you walk to corridor thinking about the mysterious man how he save you by stoping the truck.Suddenly you lost your balance and fall from 2nd floor and when you are abuot to hit the ground the same mysterious man catches you and you gat lost in his eye's afterwards he goes from there telling nothing to you and you see that his phone was fallen downand when you pick up the phone you see that mysterious man's name is Abhay and you think
  5. You go to his house and then Abhay tells that"you can give my phone tommorow in college"and after taking his phone he close the door on your face you think
  6. Afterwards you go to hostel room because you are an orphane, you were thinking how rude Abhay is and after sometimes you get a call from yoir friend Misha you pick up the call she says "hello _____, you know what we got project in college" you ask her
  7. Whatever you ask she tells "tommorow is my sister's engagement and you are invited."youtell her yes and put the phone and go to
  8. Whatever you do after that you go to sleep and next morning you go to drama club in your college as there is a drama competition and the incharge of the drama club Panchi Misha's sister comes and tell you that you have got the role of juliet in romeo amd juliet, you say
  9. Sorry but this much was the quiz but if you will gibe me comments i would make part 2 also
  10. Do you like the quiz?

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