Are you a flirt? (for girls)

There are many girls in the world, and many of them have an obsession with guys (unfortunately) Yeah you probably guessed it...I don't flirt. But SOME girls do! Take this quiz to see how much you flirt.

Some girls flirt whether they mean to or not. There's a lot to flirting--like blowing kisses, winking, tossing your hair, or just being sweet. Flirting can be dangerous so take this quiz to find out how much you flirt yourself!

Created by: A Non-Flirt
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  1. Your hair salon moves to another place and completely moves everything around. You aren't sure what to do or where your workplace is or where to go. So, a guy comes up to you and says, "Hey; my name is Randall. I can show you to your barber stall." You say...
  2. At church on Easter Sunday, a guy comes up afterwards and introduces himself to you. You notice he's new and that he's also extremely cute. You say...
  3. You are at the swimming pool and notice that amidst all the girls in the line for the diving board, there is one man right in front of you looking embarrassed because he's the only male. You don't want him to feel shy and embarrassed, so you...
  4. You find yourself struggling with a crush on a guy you thought you hated. When you are around him, you...
  5. You were the last to play your piece at a piano recital. You played perfectly and beautifully, and afterwards a dude comes up to you and says, "Hi. I really enjoyed that song you played. Is it Beethoven? You're really good!"
  6. You are ___(age) and he is...___(age)
  7. What would you wear on your first date?
  8. What do you wear when you are around a guy you like?
  9. How much make-up do you wear around guys?
  10. You are given ten bucks to spend at a hat shop. Which hat do you buy?
  11. How do you like my first EVA quiz?
  12. Do you think you are a flirt?
  13. Okay! Good-bye.

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Quiz topic: Am I a flirt? (for girls)