How flirty are you?

There are a few flirts left in the world today... thats a lie there are many but are you a true flirt or are you just saying it to impress somone? You could possibelybe a flirt. But are you beig truly honest with yourself?

Are you a true flirt or just saying it to impress somone? Until now you can only wonder... By taking this quiz you can find out. Be truthful otherwise your lying to yourself and this amazing quiz.... be true and be confident. Thus quiz could be the key to finding your sole mate.

Created by: erica of myspace
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  1. Do you have confidence in yourself?
  2. Are you stright?
  3. When you get a crush do you go up and talk or stay back nd watch?
  4. Do you wave at the person or talk to them?
  5. Do you have more than one crush?
  6. Are you a person who goes for whats inside or the outside?
  7. Do you descriminate?
  8. Do you sterotype?
  9. Do you get nervous around this person?
  10. Do you get nervous and junpy inside when your crush looks at you?
  11. Do you ever try to get to know this person?
  12. Do you know anything about this person besides there name?
  13. Do you always make an effort to look hot around this person?
  14. Have you ever touched this persons hand or somthing and wanted the momant to go on?
  15. When you think about this person do you picture youself marrying that person and having kids?
  16. Have you ever thought about having sex with this person?
  17. Would you consider yourself a hopless romantic?
  18. Do you ever just think of having the opposite gender as just a friend or when you meet somone do you think that you might go out with that person?
  19. Do you feel awkwar around this persons friends?

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Quiz topic: How flirty am I?