How flirty are you?

There are many flirty people but few true flrits. A flirt is somone who is completely interested in getting to know somone from a different piont of view. One day you could either brek your own heart or break somone elses... or maybe even just get yours broken wtihout the other one even knowing.... who knows?

Are you a flirt? Do you have the ability to talk to somone without drooling over them? Are you confident and proud of the way things are going in your love life?? Within a few minutes of taking my quiz you will soon find out!!!!

Created by: erica

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  1. Are you striat?
  2. Do you descriminate?
  3. Do you have seceret dreams about this person?
  4. Would you concider yourself a hopeless romantic?
  5. Do you ever get nervous around this person?
  6. Do you ever dream about having a relationship with this person?
  7. Do you like somone for what is on the outside or inside?
  8. Do you get a strange good feeling when this person looks at you with a smile?
  9. Do you make an effort to look hot around this person?
  10. Do you get nervous around this persons friends?
  11. When you see a hot guy/girl in the mall do you.....
  12. When you make a new friend of the opposite gender , do you immediatly start thinking of the possiblites?
  13. Do you have more than one crush?
  14. Do you have confidence in your self?
  15. Do you know anything about this person besides their name?

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Quiz topic: How flirty am I?