Do I Love Him?For Girls And Ladies Who Are Confused.

To Say I'm In Love Is Easy In Some Cases.Love Is An Extraordinary Emotion Or Feeling You Have For Something Or Someone,Being Reciprocate Makes It Enjoyeable And Loved by all.

Deep In You, You Feel You Are But That Is Not Clear Enough To Be The Reason To Say What Your emotions are. Wanna Know If You Are In Love With Him Or His Body?Find Out In This Simple And Short Straight Forward Quiz. Love Is Blind But Don't Be Blind With It.

Created by: Esther of ESTHER.FUNMI
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  1. Do You Like Him?.
  2. Does He Know/notice You?
  3. What Do You Like About Him?.
  4. When He Call You,How Do You Feel?.
  5. Do You Get Jealous When You See Him With Other Girls?
  6. Do You Care about him?.
  7. Will You Stay With Him When He Is Sad?
  8. Can You Stay With Him When He Is Sick?.
  9. What Will You Do When He Is Sick?.
  10. Who Will You Choose Him Or Your Friends?.
  11. When He Tease You, What Do You Do?.
  12. When He Looks At You,What Do You Do?.
  13. Can You Introduce Him To Your Family And Friends?.
  14. How Often Do You Communicate?.
  15. How Proud Of Him Are You?.
  16. Is The Quiz Helpful?.
  17. And Lastly,Do You Feel Attracted To Him?.

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