The Lovers Quiz

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Love. Love is a very wonderful, delicate feeling. It all starts when you see him/her. You follow them forever. Then to higher levels. Then to sacrifice.

Do you have that feeling? Do you have a crush? Are you really in love with them? Are you two really supposed to be together? Is it fate's purpose? Well take this test and find out.

Created by: Blukie

  1. Rate your crush from one to five
  2. What would your crush rather do?
  3. Have you guys ever talked to eachother?
  4. Who likes pizza?
  5. Are you bored right now?
  6. What do you think your crush would be doing now?
  7. Do you guys like being alone together?
  8. Do you absolutely love this person?
  9. Whats the maximum money you would spend for your crush?
  10. Money or Crush?

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