~Online Love~ 12

This is the part where the party starts. Is Alex gonna come or what.

I hope you like it and please stay tuned. Thanks!

Created by: random person
  1. July 3 3:08PM Rena: ok, I've invited some people over and everything's under control ;D [She seems pretty enthusiastic about this... well that's Rena when it comes to parties] 'Alex': SOME people?? Are you sure you didn't invite the whole town? I mean forced?
  2. [XD She usually ends up inviting EVERYONE cuz once she invites her friends and then she feels bad that she didn't invite THEIR friends and what they'd say and it usually ends up the whole town. Well not exactly but all the teenagers of my school] Rena: just a few people ok ;) [Psh, yea right]
  3. an hour later. Rena: um... someone invited Alex over... that ok? 2 minutes later 'Alex': idk. Rena: kk. 3 minutes later. Rena: actually im not sure if he's comin or not cuz Sherri's hosting a party too... 'Alex': who cares. Rena: yea... [Alex eh. That moron hasn't talked to me since June 31. Or was I avoiding him? He's a big jerk anyways, I hate him and I hope he dies in a locked closet. Ugh, just forget it]
  4. July 4... "Whoa, Rena..." [I just got home from a birthday party at Grandma's with Mum and Dad. They went off somewhere to spend the night. I told them I'd have some "fun" with Rena, so don't worry about me] "Pretty awesome eh?" said Rena feeling a little bit proud. "Awesome" said 'Alex'. 20 minutes later. "Uh... Rena?" said 'Alex'.
  5. "Can't talk Alex! I gotta go help out wit da s'mores and barbecue in the back" yelled Rena across the noisy living room. "Barbecue eh?" said 'Alex' to herself. But right behind her someone was dialing the phone and called in, "ten pepperoni and ten sausage larges please. You've got an hour and... forty minutes. Chao" Carter practically had to yell into the phone since there was hooting all over the place.
  6. "Twenty larges?" said 'Alex' "Who's gonna pay for all that?" "Them lot, the party crew" he answered back. "Yo, Carter boy!" a guy voice that sounded like Byron. "Some of us don't like no sausage!" "So what, I do!" Carter hollered back. In the corner of the living room, there's two kegs of beer with several bottles littering the floor. Beer pong on the living room table. 'Alex' leaves the scene.
  7. [What are they doing in... there?] Everybody's lined up behind Mom's huge fancy clothes closet. "What are you guys doin?" 'Alex' asked Sam. She giggled nervously and whispered, "Seven minutes in heaven. Tom and Emily's in there" she squealed even louder. "But that's my Mom's bedroom..." started 'Alex' but Sam just ran off squealing again.
  8. 'Alex' goes up to the closet door and turns the knob. [No duh, it's locked] She groans and goes to the kitchen. Betty's running back and forth making the cake and baking other pastries. "Uh, need help Betty?" asked 'Alex'. "Oh no, I'm fine" said Betty quickly. 'Alex' wanders back to the living room. Harold goes out for more kegs of beer. [So Harold, Rena, and Betty's the party crew. And some other people...]
  9. 10 minutes later. [WHERE IS RENA?! AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW HALF THESE PEOPLE! EVERYTHING'S GOING CRAZY!!!] The DJ's playing Take it Off. Seven breakdancers are dancing in the middle of the living room, some guys moved the couches, table and some large furniture. There's streamers pouring over the walls, a huge banner saying Happy Birthday Alexander. [ALEXANDER!? WTH]
  10. "Oops" said someone next to 'Alex' and goes up to cross out the xander with a bucket of green paint. Globs of it falls onto two heads and soon everybody's mobbing the paint and decorating faces. Another banner is under Lissa, Jesse, and Cassie's feet. Carter pulls it out from under them so hard that they fall back onto Byron. Byron hoots.
  11. 'Alex' escapes the room before the bucket comes her way. Someone knocks her into Max. "Hey baby" he said smoothly. His hand crawls to her bottom. 'Alex' pushes him off and hurries off. [I guess Alex didn't make it...] Just then Shelli shoves Darwin into the closet with Rena and slams the door. Shelli grins with satisfaction. 'Alex' groans again. Was Alex gonna make it?

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