Does your guy like you because you are HOT?

Why do people love people? Is it love? Is it Kindness? Is it both? After all it is love. No matter why it's there love is always love. Sometimes love flows through some people more than other people. Sometimes beauty flows through people more than others.

Why are YOU loved. It may be beauty it may be personality. We don't know. Actually, yes you do. Well, at least you do after this amazing, thought out quiz made by me, Bianca who is loved for many reasons.

Created by: Bianca

  1. What did he say when he picked you up for your first date?
  2. What describes you most at prom?
  3. Does he flirt alot?
  4. Are you nice? (answer correctly I don't know who you are)
  5. What grades do you get?
  6. Does he ever get you to laugh?
  7. What describes you two the most?
  8. Has he ever called you hot, beautiful, pretty, cute, or gorgeous?
  9. Are you a Cheerleader?
  10. Are you strong?

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Quiz topic: Does my guy like you because you are HOT?