Is he in love or lust with you?

Infatuation, lust and love can easily be confused. There are players, sociopaths, mediocre guys and nice guys. You should never settle for second best! You always deserve the BEST.

If you are in one of those confused state then take this quiz and be sure about what he is really feeling for you. Find out if he's the real deal or just a waste of your time.

Created by: Flowergirl
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  1. How soon did he fall for you and ask you out?
  2. Does he mostly contact you after 6:00 pm?
  3. Does he flood you with compliments?
  4. Does he include you in his future goals or is very serious about an open relationship with you?
  5. Did he tell his friends, family or people close to him about liking you?
  6. Is he good at keeping promises?
  7. Does he flirt with other girls?
  8. Has he ever said ANYTHING mean to you that made you feel bad?
  9. Does he respect you? Treat you like a very important person whom he cannot afford to lose?
  10. Does he become crazy if you don't act the way he wants?
  11. Does he try to make you jealous?
  12. OK, your instinct says:

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