I Found You Again

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Ruriko is a 13 year old girl who fell in love with a 23 year old man named Pascal, when he randomly shows back up in her life she is thrown into a world of love and lust, but at what cost

Will she be able to keep her love secret or will the truth come out? will they break the last rule? will she be able to keep going on with the lie and hide it from her mother? find out here

Created by: RurikoxSola
  1. -three months ago- I sat alone in the waiting room, my parents had blown me off again, I was never gonna get out of here, that's when I saw him he came holding a sandwitch in his mouth and smiling. "Hi, I'm Pascal" he said with his mouth full, "Hi...." I said quietly, "how old are you? you look so young to be having these kind of problems" he smiled and gave me half of his sandwich, "I'm 23" there was silence until I said "I'm 13..."
  2. -one month ago- "today's the day" Pascal said smiling like he always does, "can you come with me?" I asked being 100% searious, he threw back his head and let out a sarcastic laugh, "wait your serious, no I cant im not allowed to have any contact with you outside of here" "then I'm staying" "no you ca-" "BUT I LOVE YOU" I blurted out, there was silence, Pascal wrapped his arms around me. "I love you too" he whispered kissing me on the head, I moved so I was facing him. I kissed him, for the first time I kissed him, his lips were so soft, his small beard brushed my face, It felt right, I didn't want it to end, but he pulled away when we saw another staff member Chuck in the doorway, "get away from the underage girl Pascal" he said holding up his hands, "chuck..." I said, "listen I wont tell anyone if you step away from her" Chuck said pulling me away. that was supposed to be the last time I saw him
  3. -present day- I walked in the woods, today was the perfect day, clouds covered the sky no birds and grasshoppers chirping loudly, I sat on the grass my black dress on, nothing could ruin this day. I got out my camera and recorded myself, I'm a vlogger so I was using videos in a collage.
  4. there was a familiar smell in the air, I knew it was about to rain so I got out my umbrella. walked up to my house my mom was probably worried sick. Once I got there I saw him Pascal, the man I fell in love with two months ago. My entire body froze, he turned around and saw me his eyes widened "Ruriko?" he asked with a smile
  5. "Ruriko, where the hell have you been? oh I see you've met the new tenant, he bought the apartment across from us" my mom explained "pascal" I said quietly, "you know him?" she asked "he was a staff at the psych hospital" I explained, "oh, sorry for my bad manners, My name is Ketarah" -he shook her hand- "How about you come over for dinner?" she asked him, I shook my head, "that's a ba-" "that's a great idea" my other mom said. Pascal nodded Ill be over around 5:00 nice to see you again Rue" he said walking into his apartment
  6. It was almost 5:00 and I sat in my room staring at the ceiling, why did he have to be here, why? I got up and redid my makeup, I looked better but not entirely better I was still in shock. The doorbell rang so I ran to open the door, Pascal stood there this time not smiling he looked worried.
  7. "hey Ruriko I need to talk to you, alone" He said, I slowly walked him to the hall where no one would hear us, "about what happened" he said, "it will never happen again I promise" I said shaking my head a bit, "no, it will, I love you, and I want to be with you, but we need some ground rules, 1. no telling anyone, 2. If I breakup with you no running to the cops and 3. no sex got it" he said, I stood shocked he wanted to be with me, I still loved him!!! I smiled and nodded, He bent down and kissed me on the lips again, my entire body went limp, I fet butterfly's in my stomach, again it just felt right.
  8. "oh my- how cute" a voice said, it was mama L, she was holding a bowl of salad for me, "mama I-I" I started "shh its ok just don't tell mom" she said laughing, she walked off into the kitchen, Pascal let out his breath, he had been holding it, "that was so close" he said laughing, I laughed too "yeah, lets eat in my room? Mom isn't here" I asked "yeah lets go"
  9. we sat on my bed watching Lord Of The Rings, Pascal was playing with my hair with one hand wile his other arm was wrapped around me. "I missed you" he keeped saying over and over again Id say it back. This was perfect this was what I wanted ever since I first met him... but I had forgotten it was illegal
  10. thanks for reading the first installment of my story, just clarifying Ketarah is mom and Lucille is Mama, also part two might have smut in it so be prepared

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