Hogwarts Love Story Pt 18

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The fairytale night has come to an end and we're back to reality. Nothing good can come out of that, it's dull and unexciting. However, this time, I can prove you wrong.

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year? I AM HOLDING A CONTEST! PLEASE READ QUESTION 13-15 FOR FURTHER DETAILS! THANK YOU!

Created by: natuhleegayle

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  1. Your fairy tale night has come to an end; you didn't want it to end, if anything you wish you had the time turner from last year and revisit that night, however that could have been really dangerous. You woke up in bed; waking up to a beautiful glorious day, however when you sat at the edge of your bed, you saw Ambrosia nearly falling off the bed while she was sleeping "It was almost beautiful." You mumbled to yourself and got went off to prepare for the new day that dawn ahead. The same routine but a different day, you met up with Fleur once you left the bedrooms "________! Finally! You need to tell me about last night! Was that Oliver? He's really cute!" Fleur burst into excitement once she caught a glimpse of you.
  2. You laughed and couldn't help but to blush as you remembered last night and Draco's surprise. You explained to Fleur as you were making to the Great Hall; she was squealing and awing to what Draco had done, she went on and on about the belief that Draco has clearly fallen head over heels for you. "Do you really think so?" You asked as you sat down at your house table, Fleur sat down across from you and touched your arm "I come from France, the city of Love, I should know." You lowered your head and gave a laugh "Seriously, that's your argument?" Before Fleur could respond, Cedric walked in with his usual group of girls. "I feel really bad. I was Cedric's date but I was focused on Oliver and Draco." Fleur came to realize that and her facial expression dropped "You should go talk to him!" "What? Wait, what do I say?" As you stood up, Fleur was shooing you away; it seemed she was more interested in your love life rather than anything else in the world.
  3. You walked with your head held high and a heart of a courageous lion inside of you. The closer and closer you got to Cedric, the more you felt every ounce of it was fading "I can't do this..."You thought to yourself; you were going to apologize for spending most of the dance with someone else while at the same time, you were going thank him for the surprise. You groaned; to your actions, his attention was diverted to you "__________, lovely morning isn't it?" He smiled as he took a sip of his orange juice, you agreed and started to walk away "You're leaving already? Why don't you sit?" He offered as he patted the vacant seat beside him.
  4. Hesitant with your response, you felt it was appropriate to ask before sitting down. “You aren’t mad at me?” You quietly said while giving a tight squeeze on your left index finger. He gave you the typical odd look which questioned you. “Why would I be?” You raised your eyebrows in shock. “Well, yesterday night. I was your date but –““Why would I be for something I set up?” You blurted out a chuckle to what Cedric had to say “Something you set up? Last time, I heard, Draco was the one who set it up.” “Who said that?” He smiled as he showed his snow white smile. “Oliver.” “You shouldn’t really believe EVERYTHING he says. What does he know?” He teased. You felt relieved that Cedric wasn’t mad with what happened, you took a deep breath and smiled “Well, I just wanted to come here and say Thank you and Sorry.” You extended your arms out slightly to your side while giving a small shrug. “So, I take it, you aren’t going to sit down?” He responded.
  5. You gave a warm gentle smile and declined his offer “Sorry, I would love to but I need to go thank Draco as well. We can walk to class together, if you don’t mind?” I offered, a smile touched from both ends of his face “I would love to” with that you left and went to search for Draco, also saying farewell to Fleur. Hopefully, you would see him in Defense against the Dark Arts but that wasn’t for another hour or so. You did, however, manage to see Harry in Courtyard by himself. You walked over to Harry, hoping that he wasn’t bad because of previous events. “Good Morning Harry” You quietly said as you appeared behind him, he slightly turned his head and caught a glimpse of you with a dreary eerie silence. It hurt to see Harry ignoring you. “Harry?” He pushed his body up and began to walk away; you felt a hard aching pain hit your stomach and chest. Your eyes became misty and your vision became impaired but you blinked away the tears. You decided to walk after him, once you were steps behind him, you placed your hand on his shoulder “What?!” He snapped
  6. You flinched as you pulled your hand back, you were about to draw your words but Harry beat your to the finish. His hair was messy and he furrowed his eyebrows with anger. His veins appear on both ends of his neck and his eyes filled with raging emotion. “Thanks for telling me you were going to the Ball with Cedric. I thought your phase with guys older than you finished with Oliver?” He barked you started breathing heavily; you could feel the warmth of your breath escape from your nostrils touch your lips. This was Déjà vu, a similar incident occurred when Ron found out you blew your date with Harry for Oliver. But it was worst, this time Harry was the one to find out he was blown off for Cedric. In his mind, he was always second place. “Did you have fun getting my hopes up?” “No, Harry it was never like that! Please just let me-““Why? Are you still dazed from last night? I saw Oliver. Was it Heaven for you to have Oliver and Cedric in the same room on that one special night?” “HARRY STOP!” You screamed and interrupted him, he flinched and students that were nearby turned their heads in your direction.
  7. You weren’t going to explain yourself now that all eyes were on you. He waited for your response but he seemed very impatient, you grabbed Harry by his arm and whisked him away inside the castle and to the staircase between the first and second floor. You sighed and turned around. He was furious, it was bad enough that he created a scene in the middle of the courtyard but now, you had to explain yourself. "You need to listen to me!" You said in a calm tone but he wasn't listening. You've had it. You turned around and walked away "So, you're going to walk out on me like you always do?" He yelled out to you, you could hear his footsteps trail behind "You just can't accept it, can you?" He grabbed your right arm and turned you around to face him "I can't accept what?" You turned to look at his bloodshot eyes and his wild hair everywhere. "That someone like me wants to be with you!" He yelled it for all nosy ears to hear. Great. There was a silence surrounding the both of you "and maybe, possibly, you want to be with me too.” “W-What?” You replied completely baffled, you were trying to find your words as well as Harry; he seemed a little taken back to what he had to say “I-I mean…” “You like me? Since when, I mean, did you start liking me?”
  8. Harry couldn’t run now. A sense of curiosity filled the air as you and Harry were standing face to face; there were only a few minutes till it was time for class. “Well, actually I…” “__________!” You were interrupted by a Seventh Year Gryffindor student claiming that Professor McGonagall wanted to see you. You heard Harry giving a sigh of relief; you swiftly turned your head to look him in the eyes “You’re not getting out of this one.” You said as departing words before you left with the Gryffindor student to go see Professor McGonagall. You arrived at the Transfiguration Corridor; once you entered you saw a number of people in the room; all the Judges as well as Ron, Hermione and a little girl who you know as Fleur’s sister. “What’s going on?” You asked as you quietly closed the door behind you and joined everyone up at the front.
  9. Once you joined alongside with your friends, Ludo Bagman walked forward and gave a very exciting smile. “Based on our knowledge, each of you plays a very dear role to the champions.” “We do?” Ron blurted out, Hermione nudged him to be quiet and you couldn’t help but to chuckle. “Yes. Yes you do, Mister Weasley; are you not Mister Potter’s best friend?” He eyed him with a glimmer in his eye as he leaned forward to Ron, Ron nodded. “Young Gabrielle here is Fleur’s sister, Miss Granger was Viktor Krum’s date which obviously has a significant meaning as well as Miss _______ being Cedric Diggory’s date” Ron grumbled to Bagman’s words. “Yes, but I really don’t see…” “Oh! Bagman! Quit your talking and tell them already!” Karkaroff grumbled as he was in the far left corner watching, Bagman gestured Karkaroff to be patient as he claimed he was just about to explain. “The next challenge is a rescue mission. So-““So, that’s what the song meant!” Hermione cheered as the song came back to her, you never actually heard the song but you’ve heard Fleur mention it as she finally figured it out. “Uhm, don’t mean to be rude but can you refresh my memory? What did the song say?” Ron shyly said, the teachers seemed impatient but they understood as this would seem absurd to anyone. “Come seek us where our voices sound. We cannot sing above the ground. An hour long you have to look. To recover what we took. Your time’s half gone so tarry not. Less what you seek stays here to rot.”
  10. “Are you people insane?! What ever happened to “this is very dangerous so those under the age of 18 cannot participate!?” Ron said in a panicky mode. Gabrielle face turned a pale white as if she was about to faint but Madam Maxime stood by her for reassurance. You and Hermione weren’t exactly thrilled; Hermione was somewhat calm because her rescuer was Viktor. Based on your knowledge, you were worried what trick Cedric might pull. “That rule was demolished when Potter entered the competition, Mister Weasley” Professor Snape said very hesitantly, making Ron cowl where he stands. “If our rescuer does fail and the meaning of the song is true…” You hesitantly said. There was a silence amongst everyone “Don’t worry! Don’t worry! We will not see to that, we’ll just come for you after the challenge is over.” Bagman said cheerfully ‘Very reassuring, sir.” You bluntly said. “So, we need to keep this a secret from Harry and everyone else once we get back?” Hermione said as she fiddled with the end of her sleeve. “The competition is tomorrow, Miss Granger. There would be no need of that.” Bagman said “Right, so we can-““There’s a reason we called you all here. We will put you under a deep sleep that will only let you waken once you submerge out of the Black Lake. I suggest that you all have pleasant dreams till then.” Professor Dumbledore drew his wand as well as the other three judges, each one standing in front of you. Hooray! You got Bagman. An incantation filled your ears and your eye lids were beginning to fall, every ounce of your body drew numb; you as well as everyone else were on your knees until your head touched the mahogany floor. “Sweet dreams to you all.”
  11. Hi guys, well Part 18 is out! I thank you all for your amazing patience as well as the massive comments I’ve been getting. I am now back on track to writing my series, however there will be delays since it’s the start of a new semester. I would have to say that writing a release was hard because after every good climax such as the Yule Ball, you just need to think of a way to continue after that but keeping it subtle. Obviously, I did not do that. Pardon me for that. I know, I promised that there will be more of Harry so that confession out of him was an opening door to further on in the year as well as Year 5. Were you all hoping Cedric or Draco? They have such a massive fan base. Okay, furthermore, Part 19 will be a fun chapter; anything could happen and by that I quote Professor Dumbledore. “I suggest that you all have pleasant dreams till then.” So, since we’re keeping this in YOUR perspective, I want all of you to write a scene.
  12. For this contest, here are the rules. The scene must include dialogue and be very descriptive, in order for me to bring it to life in the story. Your submission must be written in first or third person point of view. There are two main concepts; either write about ONE of the boys (Harry, Oliver, Cedric, Draco, Fred, George, Ron or Neville) OR write about your father, Ambrosia and yourself. “For example: Concept: Draco; it brought tears to my eyes when Draco said that. “You need to stay away from me.” He cried as he pointed his wand in my face, I never visited Draco’s house but it was dark and had an eerie presence “But I…” “Stop it! He’ll kill you; I’m only doing this to protect you.” “I don’t need protecting, Draco! I want to be with you!” My throat enflamed and my eyes were very sore. If I took step forward to Draco, he’ll probably try to attack me again “I don’t want to hurt you.” Additional points: - Taken place during the Summer Break - Draco sends an invitation to his place but at the last minute a meeting for Death Eaters take place – They smell the presence of a half/mudblood – Draco is forced to get rid of me.” Basically, the additional points should state setting, the main idea, the beginning and how it would end. ONE ENTRY per person. Submissions can be sent through email or commented. If submissions are sent by comments and over the 2000 limit please state the multiple comments are connected. If submissions are sent by email, state your user name. If there are double submissions, I’m sorry but you cannot participate. It doesn’t seem fair to all. The deadline will be February 18th, 2012. The winner will be announced February 19th 2012. So, if you want this series to continue, you better start writing! Have fun everyone!
  13. Submission format can be found in the comments.*If there are multiple comments, please check the very last page. Email: rawrnedly@hotmail(.)com
  14. Since, my comment is being deleted every time; Name: Nathalie (natuhleegayle) Concept (underline/stated clear): Concept (underline): ONLY ONE BOY! Story with Draco Scene: ; it brought tears to my eyes when Draco said that. "You need to stay away from me." He cried as he pointed his wand in my face, I never visited Dracos house but it was dark and had an eerie presence "But I Stop it!" "He'll kill you; Im only doing this to protect you." "I dont need protecting, Draco! I want to be with you!" My throat enflamed and my eyes were very sore. If I took step forward to Draco, hell probably try to attack me again "I dont want to hurt you." Additional Points: - Taken place during the summer - Draco sends an invitation to his house, however there is a last minute Death eater meeting - They sense your presence as a half/mud blood - Draco is forced to get rid of you Have you submitted an entry on gotoquiz? (Underline/ stated clear) No If yes, state your username: Deadline - Feb 18,2012 Winner announced - Feb 19, 2012.

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