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  • I loved this! It's really nice you're adding Cedric to the results, I'm sure that pleased many fans. As always, your detail is phenomenal, and the story line was pure brilliance and your wording is very vivid. I always adored the ways that the detail you involve is a basic build of what you want us to see, but then you leave room for us to imagine the setting, or character. I was so excited to see this released! The contest was a great idea, and I may attempt to join. Surprisingly, I loved Harry's hair in the fourth year, it was even more shabby, LOL. Great work as always! I understand what you mean about it being difficult to write something subtle after having a big climax in the writing. I think you did perfectly, though, and I love being part of the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

  • Summary of Keep Calm and Read On: (Sorry, if I'm spamming...)

    Jac queline McCormick stumbles upon an interesting find at a rundown bookstore that is selling all its wares until eviction. She stumbles upon a leather-bound book that has the word Encantus on the front, it appears as an innocent notebook but the moment her imagination touches the pages of the book, she realize that her imagination is about to walk the streets of New York. All her characters come to life as well as the story itself, slowly realizing the book she possesses is an enchanting book, she finds herself in a story she wishes she never wrote. With only the beginning written but the plot embodied in the book, Jacqueline accompanied with the heroes and heroine work together until they create the perfect ending.

  • @Firesoul - Ugh, I know. I know it was a song I was listening to that day or it was something related to the story. Either way, I gotta write that all over again & thank you! I've been listening to scottish accents all day to perfect that!

    @_ViolaLov er_ - I usually remember but I started to work on the quiz but had to take a break because my activities; so when i went to work / publish one of them yesterday, I realized I forgot it! Haha, thanks! I hope it's good enough...

    @zoed4 44 - oh hey, junior year! Haha! Well, I really don't know. Right now, it's not that I have a lot of homework, it's just that my performance is coming up and so many problems keep happening and rehearsal is tomorrow and this needs to be PERFECT! Plus, I have a student council meetings AND I NEED TO START ON MY SEMINAR! And I need to pick my courses for Grade 12. So as you can see, I really don't know. I'm trying to find space for the quizzes :/

  • @AiFiahK3mE - LOL, yeah. One of the favorite consumptions of the gods other than nectar.

    @Gryffin dor0722 - Thank you so much! :) Sorry about the rules. Well, you have to create a detailed scene with dialogue as an example of what should be expected in the story. Without giving too much detail, add additional info that I can use to expand on your submitted story. However, your story must be either a story about one of the boys and yourself or a story about ambrosia, you and your father. You cannot submit more than one entry, if you do, you are not eligible to complete. The deadline for the stories will be Feb 18 and I will announce the winner the next day. Is that clearer ? Sorry x)

  • Keep Calm and Read On Sneak Preview:

    What if you had the power to bring your stories to live? Watching your characters come alive and join along side with them for the journey. It's everything an aspiring writer dreams about but for this New Yorker; it might turn out to be the worst thing ever that has happened to her.

    "Y-You can't be re-real...thi-this is so not happening!" Jacqueline in a raspy tone said as she frantically paced back and forth her room, as a splitting image of her in a lilac knee high gown sat on her bed. "How can I not be? You created me!" "That's the thing! I created you, Juliet! You're suppose to be in there!" She pointed to the book "Not out here!"

    Watch as Jacqueline takes on a journey no one has every embarked on before. Embrace the magic, romance and new yorkers as we set on a magical new ride!

  • Haha! Thank you! I'm seriously in the zone for inspiration and stories. I've already planned the story, so I'm going to share it with all of you! So, basically, what's to be expected sneak peek, for all of you right now! I'm releasing the first chapter tomorrow! Totally excited! This series has everything it's sorcery/magic, mythology, romance, action and more! It's called: Keep Calm and Read On! The title will make more sense through the series! So, here's the sneak peek!

  • Thank you for all of your submissions! This is going to be insanely hard, you guys worked really hard on these entries I can tell. Please, no hard feelings if your entry is not picked. I deeply apologize! Now, I'm going to spend countless hours deciding the winning submission! But despite it all, you all are amazing writers and very talented!

    Also with that note aside, Year 5 is already being plannned; which means Year 4 is coming to an end! I've planned everything and all that's yet to come towards the end! I think most will be pleased with the ending ! Until then!

    Stay Magical x

  • Well, I decided to come here and give your a scene, because I work best under the procrastonation of other things. I'm supposed to be writing my quiz, I work on my english project. I'm supposed to be working on my english project, I write an entry. I'm supposed to be writing an entry, I write my quiz =)

    *ahem* I was walking down the street of privet drive, coming back from the store because I had to get some sort of special salsa for my Aunt Connie. Unfortunatly, they were out of it. She was so nice to let me stay with her this summer while my mom went on a business trip. Consumed in my thoughts, I almost didn't see the boy carrying a much larger boy down the street, walking next to an old lady. I squinted and could make out messy hair and piercing green eyes hidden behind round glasses. Was that..."Harry?" I called out, starting towards him. He glanced up in surprise and said, "_______?" "The one and only, what happened?" I asked, reaching him at last to see that the boy he was supporting was extreamly pale. "Dementor attack," he replied grimly. "I have to get Duddly home." Without being asked I through Duddly's arm over my shoulder and helped to carry him. "You should be find now, I'm going to go," the old lady said kindly. I smiled at her and then asked Harry, "Dementors? Here? What are they doing so far from askaban?" He through me a sidelong glance and stated blandly, "I have no idea." We reached the door of a house and it opened quickly revealing a sour looking woman who's face clearly showed alarm. "My Duddlikins! What did you do to him?!" She screached at Harry. He winced and angered, I replied, "He didn't do anything, it was the dementors." Harry stared at me as this woman's face paled. "And who are you exactly?" she asked me, staring me down.

  • @Aria - Knowing you'd kill anyone with the name Ambrosia, is very harsh and really shocking. I think the one in the story is acceptable.

    @Wolfiey - The additional points are points that cover up the basic info that wasn't in the scene submitted. For example, the one I sent with Draco, I wrote basic facts such as takes place during the summer, Draco invites you over to his house & etc. I can work with that but I don't know how to elaborate without your view. Sorry about the confusion!

  • @angelic4 - thanks sweetie! Regarding, the three boys; uhm, well...I might take that into consideration, I made it one, since it will define your character who you have the strongest feelings for. I've already received submissions with the requirements originally stated. Is it possible for you to have the focus on one guy with the mention of the other two? Regardless, best of luck to you!

    @AiFiahK3mE - I've forgotten my result for Cedric...LOL. He's such a high demanded character since the series started! Haha, by facebook message? Alright! Good luck ! & I'm still debating with Cedric keeping him alive or not ..

  • @DragonRider294 - Australia? That's amazing! I enjoy hearing where my fans are from, it's amazing that my quizzes got to you! Yeah, lately, I've been coming home at 6-7 pm because of the hula & singing. Thank you so much hun!

    that's okay.

    Here in Canada, we don't live in igloos or ride polar bears to work.

    @Orange_Ju ice - Haha! Well it's true, there are time when i actually think "ugh, I think I should stop writing, i'm THAT lazy" but it's amazing to hear, i've become a role model, inspiration and a part of people's lives.

  • Thanks guys ! x
    Okay, I got some good news and bad news.

    The good news is, I'm working hard and well on Part 19 ! Yay, cue the applause! Okay, but the bad news is, my school is hosting a multicultural event and it's in two weeks. I'm in it because I'm going to be dancing Hula & Singing. my practices are literally everyday and I have yet to write / memorize / dramatize my soliloquy for Macbeth that is due in two weeks & write my satire which is due next week. So, I hope you see where I'm coming from, until I have ENOUGH free time to focus on my series. The series will be on a break for now. Sorry, I'm really busy! ... Plus, AP bio is time consuming. So much extra work...

  • Haha, you and Wolfiey were up for the title. I liked yours because it really focused on Lord Voldemort. I focused on how each of the entries ended, both of you were good but I felt that the heartache of being torn away from your loved one was too much at this point, considering Oliver left. Sorry about that & I look forward to your character entry! You have tons of time to plan.

    As far as the loss of characters in year 5, I don't really want to say because I really want to keep that element of surprise for Year 5. However, all I can say that it will happen in the Hall of Prophecies.

  • @_ViolaLover_ Thanks for your submission best of luck!

    @Jayla - I would honestly love for all of these things to happen but it's a contest and it should be one :/

    @Orange_Juice - It can honestly be anything, make a dream about a date with Draco that just randomly occured & mention Harry, or whomever!

    @Hogwa rtsLove - Thank you so much! Haha, I'm glad you understand, I would definitely love to see an entry from you! I do hope you enter and thanks again!

    @angelic4 - Yuup! I got it & might I add, it was fantastic ! :)

  • @ketine11 - yeah, I've noticed the amount of scenes I've been getting about Cedric's death. My intentions were we were in the second challenge and you were placed under a deep sleep so part 19 is basically the dream you're having. I guess people are being psychic. :P

    @DracoIsMe - Yes, that's fine !

    @Ambrosia - writing your name was probably the best feeling in the world right now. I'm glad you chose the name but might I ask the reason why? I'm really touched by your comment. Oh the irony right now, I can't help but to think of my story ambrosia when I'm talking to you. It would very fun to roleplay !

    @Gryffindor072 2 - Better than nothing ! x)

  • Additional Points- Oliver invited me to spend the summer with him.

    When Cedric died- Everyone was screaming/crying. Draco wrapped his arms around me and shook me like a baby, rocking me back and forth. I couldn't believe it. Right before Cedric died, he told me he loved me. What am i supposed to do? This wasn't right. Draco whispered, "What happened in there?"

    In the Maze- You, Harry and Cedric were transported to a graveyard. You saw Cedric die and you told Draco about it after.

  • Part 18 came out!!!
    @natuhleegayle: Your awesome, as usual!!!!

    Contest Entry: I blinked my eyes. When my eyes were finally open, I saw the blue sky above me. I sat up and looked at my surroundings. I noticed that I was in a meadow. Not too far away from my house. I stood up and started to walk towards my house. When I got closer, I noticed my father standing in the doorway.

    "Dad!" I yelled running towards him.

    "_____!" My dad said while picking me up in the air.

    "I missed you so much!" I yelled while giving him a hug.

    "I missed you too!"

    My dad set me down. I looked up to look into his eyes.

    "Dad? Who's at the door?" asked a voice that sounded strangely familiar.

    "______ sweet heart."
    Ambrosia came walking towards the door.

    "Hello sis." she said while putting her hands on her hips.

    "What are you doing here?!" I yelled.

    "This is my house too. Now come inside, I have a surprise for you..." Ambrosia said as she pulled me inside.

    I started looking for the "surprise."
    "Where is it?" I asked.
    "In the kitchen she answered.

    I walked into the kitchen. But I didn't see a present/surprise.

    "I don't-"

    I felt someone push me from behind. I landed on my stomach.

    "You idiot! Did you ever think that I would ACTUALLY get you a gift?!" Yelled Ambrosia as she flipped me onto my back.

    Her hands wrapped around my neck and started to choke me. I couldn't breathe.

    "Dad! Help me!" I yelled.

    "Sorry ______. Ambrosia was always the better sister." said my father.

    "Hahahahaha!" laughed Ambrosia and my father.

    It was getting harder for me to breathe, I was drifting into darkness.

    S orry is it's a bit long. ^^'

  • @Natuhleegayle You forgot your password? Been there, except it was for a User Name. I went through two other names before I finally wrote down the name for this one xD I can't wait for your next quiz! Both of them!

    @FireSoul Actually, it's only partially by your age, I'll be 17 in my junior year (11th grade) but that partly because I've got a summer birthday, so I"m always a couple months older than everyone. It really is by your education level. You can skip grades if you know enough, but you can also be held back and have to repeat a grade. Sorry, saw this and couldn't help but reply!

  • The character should just have; a name, age, a house, personality, appearance, family, likes/dislikes, loves/hates, wand, patronus and any additional notes! :)

    This contest wont be hold till the middle of Year 5 but I may consider to hold it early.

    I really want to keep a secret who else dies in Year 5!

    Of course, we're saying good bye to Fleur and Sirius but there is a few more or another one.

  • @natuhleegaylee
    setting: after the tornament
    male character: harry potter

    after dumbledore talked about cedric in the cafeteria and everyone left, i stayed at one of the tables thinking about the memories i shared with cedric. His smile, his laugh, everything. His face haunted me as i thought of him but i was interrupted when harry said ''hey ___ im sorry about cedric, i did everything i could-'' harry its ok at least you didnt leave me. I could never forgive myself if i went on knowing you died being mad at me. Im sorry-- i said. '' if there is anything i could do for you or help you in any way-'' '' i need a friend harry so hold me.''

  • There I was, watching the voice and taking a break from deciding the winner. I lost track of time because by the time I looked at the clock, it was already 5pm. I hope no one gets crushed by this, believe me you're all talented writers but I really had to read every story and think about how it will affect the character afterwards. Please, no hard feelings. I will literally pain me if I hear of it.

    Okay, so the moment you all have been waiting for, the winner of the Part 19 dream is ...

    @Wolfiey for their entry about Ambrosia, the father and the character! I'm sure that you all have read her entry and as well as it being short, it was really spine chilling. At some point, I actually felt as if someone was choking me, spooky but there was nobody.

    So, if @Wolfiey would be so kind as to get in contact with me so we can discuss the release of Chapter 19 then that's all! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR PARTICIPATING! You guys are amazing and don't think this is the end, I will have another contest in Year 5!

  • I will announce the winner later tonight! Haha, yes. The first chapter of my new series will be out very soon! I'm personally quite fond of it already! Haha! I guess create minds think similarly alike! I personally got the inspiration from all of you, after all the comments "I wish this story was real!" So, I thought, why not create a story about a story that comes to life? I know confusing but you'll understand once you've read it! (Hopefully)

  • @Aria - Haha, thank you! Really? I thought that Harry would probably be the most obvious choice! Haha, I was actually so annoyed that it disappeared. It's just time consuming !

    @katie2061 - Thank you! Haha, depends on the submissions!

    @xx blutixx - Haha! Yep! By doing that, there would be more interaction with you in the competition! Wow, I thought most would think Harry. Haha, I do hope you enter. The deadline isn't for two weeks. :)

  • Ofcourse I adored it, my feeling for Oliver still remain intact. Strange I cant see any guy beside Oliver, ok maybe Draco or Cedric. For your competition can it be like 3 boys in one (meaning: can I put the boys in a single plot, omg i just have a great idea but i still need to know can it be 3 in one) (aww :'( my idea only works differently)

  • @Obssions0112 - I received your email! It was amazingly fast, best of luck :)

    @Bluebird - My feelings exactly with Harry, haha. I'm a fan of a bit of everyone equally except when it comes to Harry. I received your email! Don't worry, I didn't mind :)

    @Allycat - It's alright, I'm looking forward to your submission! Thank you and Good Luck to you as well :)


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