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Found: I'm too far from what I guess you'd call home. Home, that is, in, the sense where you'd feel safe. For far too long, I've felt that I didn't matter. Shamed to such a small corner of this world. I hid behind my tears in hope to be found. No longer lost in the far too loud silence. But now I'm here, speaking out freely. I finally found the words that make me exist. The words that might not matter to anyone, but the words that make me feel found. I was misunderstood and barely known. And most of the universe didn't bother knowing my name.

I never thought I'd ever really be found. Too shrouded in the fear of not being heard. I was unspoken and truly unknown. To be found is to be worth something more. A prized possession is worth nothing without faith. Therefore, there is too much hidden inside of me. The hope of someone bothering to even look my way, would give me a shred of happiness I need. But now I'm here, speaking out freely. I finally found the words that make me exist. The words that might not matter to anyone. But the words that make me feel found.

Created by: SecretlyUnspok3n
  1. Oh my gondola! We have a winner! The song/poem writing contest is over! :}
  2. First of all, I would like to say that everyone that entered, and I mean EVERYONE, because I made sure I looked at them all! :] ALL of them were totally EPIC! I swear, all of them, but the person this quiz is dedicated to...
  3. booknerd224!
  4. Your poem totally described me. I wrote a little poem up myself... if you wanna hear it, it's in the first two paragraphs, a.k.a., the intro...
  5. I've only got one question. booknerd224, what is the name of our winning poem?
  6. Everyone who is reading this, I STRONGLY advise you to read her EPIC poem. She is so epic to the point where epic is just too epicly epic for the mind to freaking comprehend! Yeah, that did make sense. :]
  7. There nothing else I can really say, except congratulations, and you really did deserve to win. :]
  8. Bye now, chicka!
  9. :]
  10. In case you didn't know, booknerd224's poem is in the SONG CONTEST! :) comments.

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