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Waz up?!

Created by: SecretlyUnspok3n
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  1. So that little devil of a- I mean, my lovely little sister came up with an idea yesterdayz!
  2. She loves to sing (but when you hear her, cover your ears! XD). She also "writes" songs.
  3. SO, her idea was to let you epic people of the internet, in on this little contest of ours.
  4. You have to write a song about me. Well, since I'm all into poems, you can write a poem. The song must rhyme, but whether your poem rhymes or not, is your choice. (I, personally love and write nonrhyming poems...) Yep, there's a reason that poetic and epic are sorta kinda almost close to rhyming.
  5. So, the contest ends September 27th, 2012! :}
  6. So, you can either post your song/ poem in the comments with the name of your poem/ song. Or, you can make a quiz. If you make a quiz title it: "Name of your song/ poem here" for SecretlyUnspoken.
  7. If you happen to win, you get a quiz of recognition of your epicness! Firey_Soul and ivoryleaf, already know what it's like to have a quiz from me dedicated to them! :}
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