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The Eurovision Song Contest: You either love it or hate it but you really can't ignore it...Not when hundreds of millions of people gather round their televisions every year for this mammoth event - and now it's not on just one night but three! Test your knowledge out on years gone by.

The contest has been running since 1956 so it really has quite a history. International stars such as Julio Iglesias, Cliff Richard and Celine Dion have all taken part with varying degrees of success. See how you do in this short quiz!

Created by: Kevin John
  1. When the UK scored nul points in 2003, who were the performers?
  2. Which Irish pop star once co-hosted the Eurovision?
  3. Which of these countries has never won Eurovision?
  4. Celine Dion won the Eurovision in 1988 but for which country?
  5. Who co-hosted Eurovision with Terry Wogan in Birmingham in 1998?
  6. Which of these is not a Eurovision winning song?
  7. How did Nicole from Germany surprise everyone in 1982?
  8. Which country has won Eurovision 5 times and come second a record breaking 15 times?
  9. Samantha Janus now plays Ronnie Mitchell in EastEnders. What was her Eurovision song called?
  10. Abba won with Waterloo in 1974. Where was the contest held that year?

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