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History is not something that comes directly to ones mind.Some facts are a given,and some takes deep research.If many people took the time and read maybe once or twice the struggle and importance of the people who sacrificed and made a way for African Americans,they would appreciate life as we know it now.Not everything was as smooth or flowing as the wind.This quiz is a reminder,a guide.A complete history lesson on many of the people and events that are important today.

If there is a fact or event that you never got the chance to read or learn on,here is your chance.I hope you find it enjoying and I hiope you learn much from it.

Created by: Kyera
  1. In what year did slavery end?
  2. Which of the following percentages most nearly represents the number of African Americans in the U.S. during the slave trade?
  3. This group of people led by former Confederate army officers, were a secret terrorist organization,known as the what?
  4. In 1857 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Dred Scott and every black in the U.S. ____?
  5. This era was considered the one of the best times in history but also a short lived one,introducing new ways of art,poetry and especially music.
  6. This famous African American was the author of,'Their Eyes were watching God',and 'Dust Tracks on a Road'?
  7. This famous Baltimore Native was known for her contribution to the music industry with unforgettable songs like "Them there Eyes" and " God Bless The Child"
  8. All of these are restrictions against blacks except what?
  9. Garrett Morgan is responsible for which two inventions?
  10. Arthur Ashe was a famous ____?
  11. Charles Drew is responsible for which of the following?
  12. Slaves were taken where after being captured?
  13. Jackie Robinson was the first African American to do what?
  14. In Brown vs. Board of Education,Brown was the representation of what as a whole?
  15. Blacks and Whites joining together,traveling state to state on greyhounds and trains,where known as ___?
  16. A ___,was when blacks and whites joined together in resturaunts,etc.,fighting non violently to be served equally.
  17. Which of the following is considered the birthplace of jazz?
  18. He was the lead singer for the Teenagers,who went out onhis own and died at an early age from drug overdose.His hits include "Goody Goody" and "Why do fools fall in love"
  19. She is the daughter of Diana Ross,and plays Joan Clayton on the hit tv show 'Girlfriends'.
  20. She starred as Tina Turner in the biography 'What's Love Got To Do With It'.She set cars on fire in 'Waiting to Exhale',and held it down for mama Jackson in 'The American Dream'.
  21. He created the scariest rebellion killing many white men,women and children.He put his life on the line for the freedom of his people,and the honor and respect from his ancestors.
  22. He started the "Back to Africa Movement",and was later deported back to his homeland in Jamaica.
  23. She was the first African American to publish her writings
  24. This line is taken from which of the following speeches...."we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal"
  25. Malcolm X was also known as whom?
  26. These two famous rappers both died as a result of the East Coast vs West Coast rivalry.
  27. This famous actor starred in Blade and New Jack City.
  28. The vernacular term for an informal establishment featuring blues music, dancing, and alcoholic drinks, primarily operated by African American people in the southeastern United States is referred to as what?
  29. 'Shug' is a famous character from which of the following?
  30. Who wrote "Lift Every Voice and Sing"?
  31. 'Queen' is the beautifully written story about whose grandmother?
  32. Many African Americans attempted and escaped to where in search of freedom?
  33. Rosa Parks was the center and main cause of which historical event?
  34. As a plan to desegregate schools,nine African American teenagers were sent to Arkansas' all white school.This is known as the what?
  35. Which of the following promised African Americans their freedom first,if they joined their side at war?
  36. What are Seminoles
  37. This railway that traveled back and forth from North to South was known as the ______ railroad?
  38. True or false: Many African Americans also traveled West of the U.S. in search for freedom?
  39. Mychal Bell,Robert Bailey Jr,Theo Shaw,Carwin Jones and Bryant Purvis were of which historical event
  40. Black History month was first known as black history _____?

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