This Quiz is basically a review of the important information on my black history site to make sure you paid attention while reading through it. Also if you can note the important information.

Do you know alot about black history? Did YOU pay attention to the details on the important people. We'll all find out in a few minutes when you take this quiz. If you do bad, you never know maybe you'll do perfect next time.

Created by: Jenna
  1. Who invented the supersoaker??
  2. Who was the first american women to be a millionaire?
  3. Who is the founder of BET(Black entertainement television)?
  4. Approximately how many voyages did Harriet Tubman make to bring slaves to Canada?
  5. What year did Rosa Parks do her famous refusal to get off the public bus?
  6. In Mulan, which character did Eddie Murphy do the voice for?
  7. How many years was Nelson Mandela in prison?
  8. What was Fritz Pollard famous for?
  9. What team was Earl Lloyd's first basketball team as the first African American player?
  10. What years was louis Armstrong development of jazz in?

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