Everman FCCLA Test

This quiz is to review the information you learned while studying FCCLA. FCCLA is an important Leadership student organization that will make a difference in your life and those you serve.

Are you a true FCCLA member? Do you have the need to serve others? Are you ready to take a lead? Are you capable of making a difference? Then this quiz is just for you.

Created by: Lisa Hollinger

  1. What is the National FCCLA magazine called?
  2. What does STAR stand for?
  3. What is the name of the Texas FCCLA publication?
  4. What country could you visit as a scholarship winner through FCCLA?
  5. What does FCCLA stand for?
  6. Which of these is the first step in the FCCLA planning process?
  7. What is the final step in the FCCLA planning process?
  8. What is the former name of FCCLA?
  9. What region is Everman FCCLA?
  10. Who is our state FCCLA advisor?
  11. Who can join FCCLA?
  12. Where will Everman's region be located?
  13. Where will the State FCCLA meeting be held?
  14. What place do you have to recieve to advance to the state meeting?
  15. What is the Theme for FCCLA this year?
  16. Everman FCCLA members will be held when?
  17. How many hours of service learning will FCCLA members need to preform to recieve cords for graduation?
  18. Where will the National FCCLA Leadership Meeting be held?
  19. What is the FCCLA flower?
  20. Who is the Everman FCCLA Chapter Advisor?
  21. How much are dues for FCCLA?
  22. What are the colors of FCCLA?
  23. What are Projects Everman FCCLA members involved in yearly?

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