Constructivism Quiz

I prepared this quiz to assure that all of you are learning the material I am teaching. The information on this quiz is from the power point presentation I gave in class Monday.

This quiz is about the constructivism theory and the main points about it. If you paid attention in class and briefly studied the information before-hand then you should do well on this ten question quiz. Good luck! (I did not create the first two questions, answer however you would like. They will not affect your grade.)

Created by: Rebekah
  1. Constructivism is a teacher centered theory.
  2. The ideal learner is innovative and self-directed.
  3. Students working and learning together is not a part of constructivism.
  4. Teaching lessons that can relate to students' life experiences is a good method according to constructivism.
  5. The quote "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." was said by __________.
  6. Who is known as "The Father of Education"?
  7. The constructivist thinker in question number eight was a part of what movement?
  8. In constructivism, learning is __________.
  9. What is a teaching strategy in which the teacher helps the student gain new skills and build on prior knowledge called?
  10. Anchored instruction is a model for what kind of learning?

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