The Bubonic Plague

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The Bubonic Plague was a scary time for Europeans. People were surrounded by death. Kings, Queens, Peasants and Children died. No one was safe. Even thought the event was long ago, the information is plenty.

How well did you pay attention to our presentation? We are about to find out. Take our quiz! Aim for 100%! Correct answers will gain you a point, while wrong answers will have forfeit 1 or 2. Those who payed attention during the presentation and answer correctly will earn a sweet treat. Chose Wisely, Chose Wisely...

Created by: Bob

  1. What is another name for the Bubonic Plague?
  2. Where did the word "Bubonic" come from?
  3. What years did the outbreak take place?
  4. What were the symptoms of the Bubonic Plague?
  5. How many people died?
  6. Approximately how much of Europe's population perished?
  7. How was Europe effected economically?
  8. How did the plague effect the inhabitants of Europe?
  9. What change began to happen?
  10. Who were the Flagellants?
  11. Where was the Plague first recorded?
  12. How was it transmitted?
  13. How many reported cases were in the USA 2015?
  14. Where are most of the cases reported?
  15. Can the plague be cured now?
  16. How can the plague be cured?
  17. -BONUS QUESTIONS- (+3) What were the 2 other strains of the Black Death?
  18. What did Pope Clement the 6th do?

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