Popular Supplements-HLT 230-W01

This is a quiz designed for fun as part of my HLT 230-W01 presentation on popular supplements. It is not graded in the class but is a fun way of testing how well you grasp the presentation.

If you are reading this you took the time out to answer 15 questions on my presentation. Thank you very much! Hope you enjoyed the presentation and good luck!

Created by: Tim Cotton

  1. What Protein is considered most "complete"?
  2. Which supplement in presentation is considered an ergogenic aid?
  3. Which is NOT a type of sports drink?
  4. What form are B-Vitamins most often found?
  5. Which Protein is a by-product of cheese?
  6. Which is NOT a side effect of Caffeine?
  7. True or False: Supplements are the best way to provide the body with nutrients?
  8. True or False: Creatine is naturally found in the muscles?
  9. Which supplement provides more protein per serving?
  10. Which is NOT an electrolyte?
  11. What benefits does Protein provide?
  12. What does research show about B-Vitamins?
  13. This supplement supports the immune system during times of stress or trauma?
  14. What are ergogenic aids?
  15. Where can Caffeine be found?

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