What Type of Fungi Are You?

There are 1.5 million fungi on the Earth. So what are the odds of you being like one of them? Pretty darn good I'd say! A lot better than, well, "Which Derek and the Dominoes album are you?

So why don't you take a few minutes and figure it out? Important things to do? Meals to cook, kids to pick up, reports to write? Do this instead. Because that's why Al Gore invented the Internet.

Created by: 1503serong

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  1. Which 80's Sitcom is your favorite?
  2. Which of these is the best Beatles song?
  3. Which of these is your favorite Medieval war?
  4. Which of these Harry Potter characters should have been killed off?
  5. Which of these songs has the best guitar solo?
  6. Which of these is the best American domestic beer?
  7. Which of these is the most pointless grammar rule?
  8. Which of these is the best name for a public school? They are all real names.
  9. Which is the most heartbreaking loss in the history of Philadelphia professional sports?
  10. Which is the best line from the Big Lebowski?

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Quiz topic: What Type of Fungi am I?