Are You as bible smart as my 5 year old

These are some of the bible questions my 5 year old can answer only he knows them without using the multiple choice.But dont be fooled they are harder than you would think. Test your knowledge up next to his.

Dont be fooled the questions are harder than u would think. Give it a try test your bible knowledge. These are just some of the questions he can answer without the multiple choice.

Created by: eric

  1. How long was David king?
  2. Who was the first king of Israel?
  3. How long did it take for Solomon to build the "house of God"?
  4. Who was the first to see Jesus after the ressurection?
  5. What did Bartimaeus yell to Jesus?
  6. Where did Moses write the 10 commandments?
  7. What did Saul throw at David?
  8. How did David calm Saul's spirit?
  9. How did Jonathan let David know if Saul was still angry with him?
  10. Who were the two people in the bible that did not die?
  11. Who was the small man that climbed the tree to see Jesus?
  12. What did Bartimaeus do when they told him to stop yelling to Jesus?
  13. who wrestled an angel and wouldnt let go until the angel blessed him
  14. when they let the man through the roof to see Jesus what did Jesus tell him to do?
  15. Why didnt god want Saul to be king anymore?
  16. Who was Davids father?
  17. When the woman poured the perfume on Jesus' feet what did she dry it with?
  18. Who was put in a basket on the Nile River by his mother as a baby?

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Quiz topic: Am I as bible smart as my 5 year old