Actuall Bible Quiz

How often to regular people read the Bible? According to some smart guy who does polls for a living, 89% of America is a Christian. I doubt that number is accurate considering what goes on here in America. Prove me wrong and complete my quiz.

Do you read enough of the Word of God? Not to sound high and mighty like you will die if you don't, but it is a great idea. Go dive into the Bible and take my quiz, see how much you can learn and how many questions you know.

Created by: David Ross

  1. How many Generations are there between David and Jesus?
  2. Who betrayed Jesus?
  3. Who cut the ear off a man to protect Jesus?
  4. How old was Jesus when he died?
  5. What is the date closest to Jesus' death?
  6. Who was the oldest man on earth?
  7. Who never died?
  8. How many books are in the entire Bible?
  9. How many tribes of Judah are there?
  10. Who was sold into slavery by his brothers and became the ruler of a country?
  11. How long, TOTAL, Noah in the Ark?
  12. How many disciples did Jesus have?
  13. Who is Zebedee?
  14. What was Jesus' first recorded miracle?
  15. Who were Adams sons?
  16. What is truth?
  17. Where is the book of Hezekiah?
  18. How long did it take for God to create the Earth?

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