Bible Trivia Quiz

Details from the Bible are rich in importance. Those who know details about the stories in the Scriptures are blessed because they truly know what is being taught. This will test your knowledge as a Bible scholar as you find out how much you know about the Word.

How much experience do you have reading and understanding the Bible? Have you ever read it all the way through? I find that those who know details really know their Scripture. This will define you as a Bible scholar.

Created by: Jack Hopkins of Prayer List For Rock Stars
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  1. Jesus' mother, brothers and sisters came outside a house where He was teaching and began calling to Him because:
  2. Of the following, only ONE is actually found in the Bible.
  3. The five foolish virgins did not get to enter into the wedding feast because:
  4. In the parable of the tares, the tares represent:
  5. The Kingdom of Heaven has been referred to in parables as:
  6. David's son Absalom was killed by:
  7. Of the following, one is NOT a name for the Sea of Galilee.
  8. On the day Jericho fell, the people marched around the city _______ times.
  9. Which of the following was NOT given as an excuse for not following Jesus?
  10. The citizens of _________ received the word from Paul eagerly and searched the Scriptures daily to see if his teachings were true.
  11. Who was the most humble man on earth?
  12. According to Scripture, who was the first Old Testament prophet?
  13. What did King David initially say should be done to Shimei who cursed him?
  14. Jesus cleansed the temple at:
  15. One of the following is NOT an Old Testament prophecy about Jesus.
  16. When Jesus spoke the words of John 3:16, he was talking to____________.
  17. Which of the following is NOT a part of Scripture?
  18. One of the following is NOT a part of Scripture.
  19. Of the following, one was NOT a partner with Paul on his journeys.
  20. The destroyed "City of Palms" was _____.

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