Bible Trivia 2008

Hi, we are glad you stopped by to take our Bible trivia quiz. Everyone is not on the same level when it comes to Bible knowledge. Let see how high you can go. Remember it is not only what you know, but what you live! Have fun and we hope you get 100!

The questions in the quiz are not that difficult, however it will cause you to put on your thinking cap. It may be somethings you have already forgotten, and it may be somethings you never heard. Try it, let see what category you fall under.

Created by: Linda
  1. Who is the first judge mentioned in the book of Judges?
  2. When Elijah built the altar on Mount Carmel how many stones did he use?
  3. As Joshua and the children of Israel marched around the walls of Jericho the priests carried trumpets before the Ark of the Lord. How many priests carried trumpets
  4. Who was put into the pit and then sold into slavery by his brothers?
  5. How many books are in the Bible?
  6. How many times did Balaam hit his donkey, before the donkey spoke to him?
  7. Who was the 1st king of Israel?
  8. What happened to the 5000 when they were hungry?
  9. How old was Jesus when he was lost from his parents for three days?
  10. What happened to Aarons rod?

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