the really really difficult bible quiz

this is the really really difficult bible quiz. i made this because all the other bible quizzes are pretty easy but i promise i made all the questions from memory without looking at the bible so its all fair. dont cheat!!

....if you really know the bible then you may not even consider the quiz difficult and if you can, you should make an even tougher quiz......(im writing this just to fill this paragraph actually.) gibberish gibberish...

Created by: rakchira
  1. where was abram from?
  2. what was the name of abram's brother who died at his hometown before he moved to canaan? (at the place of the previous question's answer)
  3. whom did both abraham and isaac lie to at different times saying that their wives were their sisters?
  4. who became moses' nurse after he was taken in by the princess of egypt?
  5. where did lot run to before sodom and gommorah were destroyed?
  6. what was esther's hebrew name?
  7. what did the mysterious hand write on the wall in king belshazzar's banquet?
  8. where did jonah set sail for instead of going to where God had told him to go and preach?
  9. what did reuben bring home for his mother, leah, which rachel, in turn, asked from leah in exchange for a night with jacob?
  10. the wife of which prophet was a prostitute?
  11. where was paul from?
  12. whom did God direct to go and help paul who had become blind?
  13. which apostle said that paul's teachings are difficult to understand?
  14. where did john get the "revelation" from which he wrote revelation?

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