What Do You Think Will Happen...

There are many different types of people. Smart people, gullible people, in-the-middle people. Whatever they are, they need to know. Hopefully you can learn.

You could be smart. You could be in the middle. You could be gullible. Whatever you are, you need to know, and you can. Just take this quiz. You know you want to.

Created by: Beth Borley
  1. ... If pigs took over the White House?
  2. ... If schools everywhere made it mandatory to bring cookbooks?
  3. ... If a law was passed forcing every cat lover to buy a dog?
  4. ... If computers and androids completely took over the world?
  5. ... If video games were banned to anyone over the age of 15?
  6. ... If everything electronic were shut off suddenly, even if it only lasted two hours?
  7. ... If the only thing anyone could do was redecorate their bedrooms?
  8. ... If the only things people could read were the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer?
  9. ... If anyone could buy a Ferrari?
  10. ... If everyone knew every test answer?

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Quiz topic: What do I Think Will Happen...