Zombie Survivalist

What will happen to you if you are awaken from a dream only to realize a zombie outbreak has occured. Will you survive or will you die on the toilet. Who knows holmes?

Zombies. We all have heard of them. But what would happen if an army of them showed up at your doorstep? Maybe you could offer them tea or open up a can of hurt on them. You think about that...

Created by: Brian Foxx
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You awake in an open field. A car full of dead bodies are in sight, but off in the distance you can see a rabid group of people heading in your direction. What's your move?
  2. What is your first priority during a zombie invasion?
  3. What weapon are you using?
  4. Can you use a gun effectivly? (Tell the truth)
  5. What's your ideal base during the zombie outbreak?
  6. Can you trust your a complete stranger to keep you alive during this time?
  7. Could you kill one of your friends if they had been infected by a zombie?
  8. If you were biten by a zombie what would you do?
  9. Your group comes across a group of people being attacked by zombies. What do you do?
  10. The shelter you have has been breached by the infected. Whats your move?
  11. The last thing you think of before your attacked by a horde of zombies?

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