Would you survive in a zombie attack?

Zombie: An undead, sickly, shambling entity that hungers for and requires human flesh to live. Want to see if you will turn into a Zombie? This is the ultimate and complete quiz to see if you will survive a Zombie infestation!

What will YOU do when the time of a Zombie outbreak comes? Will you survive? Will you lead a scurvy, untarnished troupe of zombie killers? Or will you be reduced to a flesh-eating, half retarded undead? Find out by taking this exciting quiz!

Created by: Jared

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  1. You weapon of choice?
  2. Method of transportation?
  3. Where will you go?
  4. You've got everything you need, and your destination. Now, how would you kill a zombie?
  5. So you know your stuff; who will you take with you?
  6. Along the way, you find a wounded Marine, who claims he knows where a cure is. What will you do?
  7. During the night, a zombie found its way to the camp and bit one of your friends. Now what?
  8. Any experience in firearms or unarmed combat?
  9. All your plans have gone to crap, where are you going to hide?
  10. You are out of food. All you have left is some crackers, but you see a zombie on the side of the road not moving. It starved. Now what?
  11. You are in a relatively safe location, and you must get food. Now what?
  12. After living about a year in the location, you realize zombies have followed your group's scent. Now what?
  13. Uh oh. While trying to fend off a lost zombie you get scratched. Its on your trigger hand. What will you do? (Keep in mind you are trying to survive).
  14. You've got a dog with you. Animals cannot be infected, and theirs a really annoying Asian dude who you don't know that just decided to join the group. You've only got so much room and the dog doesn't eat much. Who will you keep?
  15. While you are out one day, you see a large number of armed army officials patrolling what looks like a convoy of higher-ups. (president, generals, etc). What will you do?
  16. You have a choice- learn how to farm or learn how to fish. Both good farmland and abundant lakes are near, however you can only afford to get resources for one.
  17. During the winter, the zombies are slow moving but very hungry and VERY vicious. You are holding out in a good sized home and fortifications, with a fertile garden that will last thru the season. What will you do?
  18. The zombie epidemic is almost over. However, while traveling you find a junk pile on the road. There are some useful things, put you only have room for one. You decide to take...
  19. Finally, news of a community of survivors in a heavily fortified village reaches you. Everyone depends on you to survive, so you must decide whether to go or to stay.
  20. It's over! You made it through. You're in the heavily armed and fortified village and quickly become known as the leader. Now what?

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