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Smart people exist; people who want to learn, and often teach themselves. I am one of those people. I have made a quiz about snakes with questions I couldn't have answered only a few weeks ago.

Are you one of these smart people? Do you know your snakes? I hope so, and this quiz will either conferm or deny my hopes. Take the quiz, and learn for yourself!

Created by: Snakelovingirl

  1. This part of the quiz is all about snake anatomy. How many lungs do garter snakes have?
  2. Snakes of the boidae family, or boas and pythons, are thought to have evolved from creatures that had legs. Where did this thought arise?
  3. Snakes have _________ internal organs, allowing them to fit into the cylandrical body.
  4. Snakes have a (#) chambered heart, unlike mammals and crocidilians.
  5. This part is all about the taxonomy of snakes. The snakes name will have a family. Answer the correct family name. Mexican Burrowing Snakes.
  6. Cobras, coral and sea snakes, mambals, kraits
  7. Common snakes
  8. Round island boas
  9. Rattlesnakes
  10. Burrowing asps
  11. This next part of the quiz is the part about the life of snakes. The snakes' lives are regulated by these two factors.
  12. When a snake has fangs to stab its food, this means it is venomous, so it has a venom gland. Which phrase best suites how fast a forest cobra can refill its venom glands?
  13. Most snakes are known to move in this way (Scientific term, please).
  14. Snakes eat only this type of food, either constricting it or envenomating it.
  15. Now is time for the snakes and humans part of the quiz, testing your knowlage about the snakes that live near people. Rattlesnakes are often killed inhumanly in these.
  16. Snakes who are kept as pets are often________ snakes.
  17. Snakes that are kept as pets are _________
  18. Now for the true or false part of the quiz. Snakes are always dangerous, or life threatening.
  19. Snakes get to be a certain length, then stop growing.
  20. As short as that part was, it is time for the record breaker snakes part of the quiz. I'm going to say a record, and answer for the snake that fits the answer. Heaviest...
  21. Longest...
  22. Most venomous...
  23. Longest venomous...
  24. Smallest
  25. Smallest venomous...
  26. Stockiest...

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