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  • What is your (Latin) name?
    [published: Aug 8, 2011, 5 comments]

    All snakes have latin names. Some, such as the bandy-bandy, have very easy latin names to remember,…

  • Are you a snake lover?
    [published: Aug 7, 2011]

    You know what a snake is. What is it about them that many people hate? Are you one of theose people? I…

  • So you Know Snake Taxonomy?
    [published: Aug 6, 2011]

    Snakes themselves are tricky creatures, and not much is known about them when compared to much more…

  • The Snake Quiz
    [published: Aug 6, 2011, 1 comment]

    Smart people exist; people who want to learn, and often teach themselves. I am one of those people. I have made a…

  • What Is Your True Spirit Animal?
    [published: Jul 31, 2011, 7 comments]

    Many people have a spirit animal. Not all of them fit into the quiz catagories, but I did my…

  • What do you know about snakes?
    [published: Jul 10, 2011, 1 comment]

    Welcome to the snake quis, where you descover whether you are a true herpitologist. What the…

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