What Is Your True Spirit Animal?

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Many people have a spirit animal. Not all of them fit into the quiz catagories, but I did my best to make the ones I did make as real as possible.

So what are you: a snake, cat, dog, bird, butterfly, mouse, or fish? Do you want to find out? Well, you will, like it or not, when you take this quiz!

Created by: Snakelovingirl
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  1. Do you have many friends?
  2. Do you like to swim?
  3. Do you sit by yourself at the lunch table?
  4. Do you love to run?
  5. Do you love to be out on a plane?
  6. Do you do lots of shopping?
  7. At theme parks, you would ride a slingshot, rollercoaster, drop tower, and really high ride!
  8. You love to go fishing?
  9. You spend a lot of free time hunting for snakes, lizards, and fish!
  10. You are fascinated by science.
  11. You would dissect a snake?

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Quiz topic: What Is my True Spirit Animal?