What do you know about snakes?

Welcome to the snake quis, where you descover whether you are a true herpitologist. What the scientists know about snakes doesn't fit most people's description.

Do you have what it takes to be a true herpitologist? Until now, you might only think you know snakes. But in a few moments, you will descover whether or not you actually might pass as a scientist.

Created by: Snakelovingirl

  1. What is it calles when each scale on a snake has a ridge?
  2. Why do some snakes have slitted pupils in their eyes?
  3. Which is the largest family of snakes?
  4. Playing dead and balling are both examples of what kind of snake defense?
  5. What was the length of the longest snake?
  6. Where do the red-sided garter snakes congregate each winter?
  7. What is the rarest snake in the world?
  8. What type of defense is camoflodge and warning colors?
  9. When one snake looks like another, more dangerous snake, this is called what?
  10. When a snake moves is a series of S-like formations, what type of locomotion is this?
  11. How many lungs do snakes have?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about snakes?