So you Know Snake Taxonomy?

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Snakes themselves are tricky creatures, and not much is known about them when compared to much more common creatures, like cats and dogs. They are difficult to understand, and they are often considered the wierdest of creatures.

Their taxonomy isn't any different from the rest of them, and they are confusing. Yet you must know something of their taxonomy to take this quiz. I am going to say a family, and you are going to give me the snakes that live in them. Ready? GO!

Created by: Snakelovingirl

  1. Acrochordidae
  2. Bolyeriidae
  3. Tropidopheidae
  4. Leptotyphlopidae
  5. Atractispididae
  6. Elapidae
  7. Viperidae
  8. Typhlopidae
  9. Colubridae
  10. Boidae
  11. Xenopeltidae
  12. Aniliidae
  13. Uropeltidae
  14. Loxocemidae

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